Obamacare: More PROFITS for companies, LESS care for YOU, and Premium Hikes are on the way!

Not that we need further evidence that Obamacare is NOT about YOUR health insurance but IS about PROFITS for the Corporatist Complex now comes news that O-care premiums are set to skyrocket.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be!

obamacare“The Hill” is read daily by most people in Congress and the WH among others and they have a good article all about O-care and how it’s about to screw you and all the rest of us by sticking it to us in the way of premiums.  According to that report health industry experts are saying that ObamaCare related insurance premiums will double or even triple in some parts of the nation and that assessment flies directly in the face of what the Obama Administration has been telling us.  Si!  Si mi amigos I know you’re thinking…..more lies?  Sadly true.

Rate hikes will be announced in the next few months.  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius is doing everything she can to downplay the coming sticker shock as expected.  You can read the full article at:


You might think that is all the latest about O-care but you couldn’t be more wrong mi amigos!  There is MORE………….

Last Friday a little noticed and MSM ignored “rule change” was enacted by the Obama administration which will allow insurance companies to gain more profits but at the same time it will pay less for patient care.  That little tidbit of NEWS that the MSM seems not to wish to cover is found in “The Daily Caller” at:


Now if you still think Obamacare is about your health and about “Affordable Health Care” stay tuned as I’m sure more “rule changes” are coming that will benefit the insurance companies while screwing you!  By the end of this month you’re suppose to have health insurance as March 31 is the deadline and I’m sure after that deadline we are going to see more “rule changes” and tweaks in favor of the insurers and few if any in favor of you.  Obamacare is a JOKE!  It’s all aimed at control of the entire health industry with the intention of making mega-PROFITS for the corporatist.  It began as a nightmare and it remains a nightmare and you’re going to find that out when they jack up your premiums that you will have to pay OR face the IRS.

“We have to pass it before we know what’s in it, hehe…” said the infamous former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prior to the passage of Obamacare, anyone remember?  Well now that we know what’s in it Nancy……AMERICA DOESN’T WANT IT BECAUSE WE SEE PLAINLY ITS A CORPORATIST RACKET AND SCAM! HEHE……………. Ai!  I cannot even write her what I’m thinking right now as it is very very VULGAR!


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