The Trojan Mullahs for TTP

Chainsoff's Blog

by Mohammed Abbasi

Most terrorist organisations rely on propaganda to divide masses, and convolute issues which demand clarity as a prerequisite for progress. The psychological aspect of a war or an insurgency cannot be undermined, at least not without facing serious consequences. Unlike the state, the TTP has learned from its experiences. Every contest between the TTP and the armed forces of Pakistan has resulted in the latter emerging decisively victorious. This imbalance of power has compelled the terrorists to look beyond their guns for strength, and they have successfully discovered it; in us.

The TTP is heavily reliant on inaction from the state in order to achieve its targets, both short-term and long-term. It certainly doesn’t help when the state appears eager to accommodate and appease a self-declared anti-state element. Where once people saw the mighty state reign supreme, high above anyone’s reach, they now see the ultimate challenger…

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