Murder on Wall Street? Yes….AGAIN!

KojakJust 5 days ago I published a report on this site entitled “Murder on Wall Street?” which raised suspicion that the rash of banker/trader deaths of late may be murders and not suicides at all.  In that post I cited 11 people in the global financial world who ended up mysteriously dead.  You can read my original post at:

This evening comes a report to me of what is not the 12th such mystery death!

Kenneth Bellando was a former JP Morgan banker and a current employee of Levy Capital.  He was 28 years old and was the brother of a top chief investment officer of JP Morgan.  Kenneth allegedly jumped to his death from his 6th floor east side apartment on March 12, 2014 in NYC.  His death was reported by the NY Post.

In their report the NY Post says that several emails belonging to one John Bellando were cited during testimony before the US Senate Finance Committee who were looking into JP Morgan’s losses during the “Infamous London Whale Trade fiasco.”  Joh Bellando is the father of Kenneth.

Kenneth Bellando was a graduate of Georgetown.  He graduated in 2007 and was hired as an Investment Bank Analyst.  He’s actually the 12th victim in a rash of mysterious “suicides” of late that may well not be suicides at all but murder.

For more on his death see:


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