What Happens When A Community Organizer Quarrels With A KGB Agent

On the one hand we have Mr Global Citizen PC leading the most powerful naiton on earth but you’d never know it as his main concern is “International Law” and “sanctions.” And on the other hand we have Mr Shirtless MAN who has said on more than one occasion that the greatest failure of the century was the fall of the Soviet Union. We might think of the former as Mr Hand Slapper and the later as Mr Schoolyard Bully who’s going to kick your arse. Sorry but NO comparison!

Once again we see the Obama Administration fumbling in yet another foreign policy disaster. This president has single-handedly wrecked American foreign policy for decades to come to the point to where it will now take decades to restore it and our respect. I fully agree with Senator Tom Cruz (R-TX) who says Putin is in the initial stages of reassembling the USSR. That’s Putin’s dream! America could not have a worse leader right now amid this growing crisis. Putin obviously has figured Obama out and is not afraid of him or the US. That’s bad news for the former Soviet Bloc nations as it appears Putin is dead set on restoring the USSR at any cost. In other words, Putin has decided any and all of Obama’s “red lines” are a joke and he’s now decided to take adavantage of that joke.—PERON

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What Happens When A Community Organizer Quarrels With A KGB Agent

In recent days American politicians and pundits have evoked the Cold War more frequently than at any point since the sustained state of political tension ended (or didn’t) in the early 1990s. And, as was the case at the height of the actual Cold War, a large part of the national conversation in the U.S. currently revolves around questions of which of the international leaders involved is the strongest.

With Democrats largely quiet on the issue and Republican criticisms flying, the current dynamic of U.S.-Russian relations paints a portrait that looks something like this: A guy in mom-jeans and a pink bicycle helmet trying to figure out how to go toe-to-toe with a man who wrestles bears before breakfast.

Whether the imagery is accurate, or a simple result of the personal image each man has worked to cultivate over the years, doesn’t matter. What matters is that the Obama Administration…

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