The Atrocity of Human Smuggling

Bolivar Rojas 10 Blog

Illegal human trafficking is a nasty business.  Not for the “coyotes” who run such operations but for the people who pay huge sums of money to them to get them into the United States illegally.  Today I’m reminded once again of just how horrible human trafficking really is and that reminder comes from Houston, Texas.

Let me begin with the people.  Most of these people come from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, among other Latin American countries.  They get to northern Mexico mostly via riding atop freight trains going north.  These people literally pile on these trains by the hundreds.  This is very dangerous and some of these people have lost arms, legs, or even their lives riding these trains.  They eventually make it into northern Mexico where a smuggler (“coyote”) walks them across the US-Mexico border.  These guys are usually not nice or people friendly.  In fact, many…

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