Latin America: Russia, China, Iran filling void left by Obama and USA!

It appears that this is “Putin Day” here at Sonora Del Norte Press mi amigos as yet another story comes to our attention regarding Putin’s ever so quiet Latino dance with Latin America.  For those “in the know” it’s been known for some time now that Putin has been trying to gain a foothold in Latin America and this has now become alarming to the Pentagon and US lawmakers especially since Putin has been sending Russian Navy ships and Russian long-range bombers to the region recently for the first time in several years.  To add to the growing concern in Washington over Putin’s moves around the globe, Russia Defense Minister said Russia is planning to build Russian military bases in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and he also said Russia is actively seeking to strengthen ties with the region.  Mi amigos…..Putin is just about at our backdoor!  Are Obama and his comrades still fiddling or playing golf?

US Senator Joe Donnelly D-Ind said of the Russians, “They’re on the march” and indeed they are not only in Cuba and Latin America but also in the Crimea, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Somalia, and other places including South America.  Donnelly went on to say that Russia is “working the scenes where we can’t work.  And they’re doing a pretty good job.”  You bet they are because America is now viewed as treacherous poison thanks to our Corporatist state that no one trusts!  And need I mention the gross failed policy of the present administration?

This report is coming from “The Hill” at the below link:

For some reason it seems that Putin has decided to flex his muscle while Obama hands out only weak responses.  I’m pretty sure Putin is laughing at him and his Corporatist owners/handlers.  Russia has a growing presence in Latin America and that should alarm Obama but he seems rather numb to it all for some reason.  As if this were not enough the US military has been forced to cut back its relations with Latin America due to budget cuts.  Not only is Russia filling the growing void left by America but so is China and Iran and THAT is DANGEROUS for America IMO.  As The Hill article notes Iran has opened up 11 new embassies and 33 “cultural centers” (most likely terrorism training centers) in Latin America recently.  They are also supporting HEZBOLLAH which now has a growing presence in Latin America including MEXICO!

The Hill article points out something else alarming but true as many of us have none it for a long time now.  TEN Latin American nations have no US Ambassador because either they haven’t been nominated or confirmed yet.  This is yet one more sign that the Obama administration views Latin America as a “low priority.”  This could prove to be very dangerous for the US I believe as Latin America is our back door and IS a matter of national security.  Russia is already flexing its military muscle and most likely will soon be flexing its economic muscle by selling off US debt and abandoning the US dollar.  Should China decide to do the same then our economy is basically OVER.  Further, should ever things come to military confrontation with the US it is becoming increasingly likely that Russia, China, and Iran will be able to use Latin America as a launching pad for INVASION USA!  Yet Obama remains unconcerned…WTF?

The Hill article is well worth the read and mentions some other things I’ve not mentioned here.  Now should I be learning to speak Russian, Chinese, and/or Iranian?


One response to “Latin America: Russia, China, Iran filling void left by Obama and USA!

  1. All by design I suspect. The US has long put Latin America on the back burner and continues to do so. Now with the military and other budget cuts America has a reduced influence and presence in the region. Of course China, Russia, and Iran are moving in to fill the void. I see a frightening scenario developing for the US on their back door and still there is no alarm? What in the hell is wrong with the American people? Do they just lay down and take ANYTHING? I guess so!

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