2 comments on “Who is Vladimir Putin?

  1. CNN is reporting that the WH is “very concerned” about Putin and Russia and for good reason. This concerned is based on field intelligence in the Ukraine. Obama and the WH are privately very concerned about Putin’s next move which could be a Russian invasion of Ukraine. China is already joining Putin as they are demanding debt payments from Ukraine. Now we have a ground war and an economic war yet the only thing the US can do is continue to give weak responses. Putin is an HOMBRE! He does not respect weakness! He’s figured Obama out. Too bad Obama hasn’t figured Putin out.

    WH officials now say that Russia is not being truthful about its intentions as if they were going to be LOL? Russian forces are on Ukraine’s east and south border and Moscow says they are there only to play “war games.” If you believe that how about a cat taco? Some US officials now believe that Russia is poised to invade Ukraine and it could come in the next few days. Russia will overrun the nation before Ukraine can even cry for help much less get it from Europe, the US, or NATO. CNN says Moscow could take this action on the pretext that they have a duty to protect Russian-speaking Ukrainians or to protect transportation lines or energy supply lines to the Crimea that run through Ukraine. The Crimea is now officially Russian territory.

    WH officials are increasingly skeptical about Russia’s claims and some believe Russia is outright lying to the US and world and has intentions of invading the Ukraine. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the Russian Defense Minister has assured him Russia will not use military action against Ukraine. LOL just like the old Soviet Defense Minister’s used to “promise” and then go ahead and do it anyway. Example? The Russian nvasion of Afghanistan decades ago.

    What amazes me is that the Obama Administration just now seems to be getting a clue but it appears not many in the administration are taking it seriously enough. A Benghazi repeat perhaps? Obama has now apparent clue about anything from economics to domestic policy to foreign policy. This president is an amateur all the way and a Fascist Corporatist amateur at that! He wrings his hands as HOMBRES like Putin puff up their chests and challenge him. Once again the US is acting stupidly in this OBVIOUSLY developing international crisis.

    Mi cabeza es nadar


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