Putin is NOT Messing Around with Obama!

Putin3The Ukraine crisis continues as President Obama and his aides seem to still be running around wondering just what to do about Vladimir Putin and his latest moves.  Officials in the Ukraine fear that Putin might invade their country and a NATO general is warning that Putin’s intention seems to be further “conquest.”  Meanwhile, Russian troops took over more bases in the Crimea and the Commander of the Ukraine Air Force has been reportedly kidnapped.  And in the latest development our old amigo named Afghanistan is now turning to Moscow for support.  Why are we still there?

Putin is calculating and apparently he’s decided that NATO and the US are not really anything to worry about so he’s going right ahead and doing whatever he wants in an apparent effort to resurrect the old Soviet Union.  Putin is like the bully on the school yard running around demanding all the weaklings give him their lunch money.  And the weaklings?  Obama, the US, NATO, and Europe!

This is where Obama’s weak and indecisive foreign policy has brought us.  The US is no longer respected in the world.  We are no longer viewed as a leader.  We’ve broken the trust of our allies by lying to them and by spying on them.  Barack Obama has ruined our foreign relations so badly that the US may never regain anything back.  He’s stumbled all over himself trotting around the globe apologizing for anything and everything the US has ever done.  He’s bowed to kings and Japanese emperors as if somehow the US is but a colony of theirs and he’s managed to spend us into oblivion.  His Obamacare is an absolute failure as is his foreign policy.  He runs about talking about job creation but doesn’t do anything to create jobs.  His staff spins figures better than any crocked accountant could ever spin them and he makes insulting and degrading remarks such as “Americans can do with less.”  This is a man who is inexperienced, lost, indecisive and should have never been elected POTUS not once but twice.  There fact that he was elected twice is a very telling statement about America and Americans!  And the question everyone is asking outside of the US is just how stupid are we?

Putin is not messing around with Obama and the fact is he couldn’t give a rats ass about NATO.  He can easily shut of energy supplies to Europe and he can easily dump the US dollar, sell off US debt and impact our economy like never before.  If he enlists China in that effort the US would find itself in an economic crisis that would surpass the Great Depression.  And it seems that China and Russia are in fact making plans for the USA and Europe.

Amid all this Russia, China, and Iran are moving up to our backdoor as they are forming new friendships with almost every Latin American country including Mexico.  China is now pumping a lot of money and economic support into Latin America.  The US may consider Latin America as not worth its time but these three nations apparently consider Latin America as “strategically significant.”  As in Invasion USA?

What astounds me more than anything else is that everything Obama does seems to be half-ass and serves only to weaken the US in some way.  But I’m sure this is not by accident as his Corporatist owners on Wall Street want to bring about the full demise of the US as they know it is the only thing standing in their way to global economic domination and Fascist tyranny.  I have no doubt that the Corporatist desire to see the creation of some sort of Nazi 4th Reich! 

NATO isn’t about to bomb Russia like they bombed Libya.  NATO might be stupid but they aren’t that stupid as they know it would immediately launch WW3 which will be a war of global thermonuclear war.  Obama has significantly underestimated Putin as he has underestimated everything else since he’s been El President de Estado Unidos which today should more accurately be called El Republica Bananera (The Banana Republic).  That’s what the US has become under this Corporatist administration.  A BANANA REPUBLIC!

Ukraine officials fear that Russia might make some kind of invasion move this week but Putin is not only calculating as he is very sly.  He is like the fox waiting and watching the rabbits from behind the bush.  When he determines the time is right he will make his move.  He’s not about to have an EU nation sitting on Russia’s border.  He’s not about to let the West gain control of Ukraine.  This man is a man to be reckoned with.  This man is a sly and astute warrior.  And what do we have in comparison?  A guy who is busy planning his next vacation, having parties at the WH, and playing golf with his compadres from JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and others.  Hell most of the time he doesn’t even attend the national security briefing in the mornings!  What kind of president is this?


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