Obama’s Failed Presidency, A Stinging Indictment



Michael Goodwin at the NY Post released a stinging indictment against President Obama yesterday and what a laundry list it is. From a failed foreign policy to the disaster being called Obamacare, Goodwin spills all of the frijoles and walks away leaving them to fall wherever they may. Goodwin notes Obama’s failed leadership and how even Russia’s Vladimir Putin laughs at him. He calls Obama a “know-it-all rookie” when it comes to being POTUS and notes that his “view from his faculty lounge has no space for reality.” He further notes how in all of Obama’s world travels his presence and promises make no difference in the arena of world affairs nor at home.

Goodwin goes on to not Obama’s failed foreign policy in virtually every area of the world. Further he says America’s standing and influence have “declined universally.” He goes on to say, “It is impossible for a US president to be irrelevant, but Obama is testing that proposition.” Goodwin then attacks Obamacare saying “…it is the domestic expression of the president’s ineptitude.” That’s CORPORATIST MEDICINE mi amigos and most certainly NOT Socialist Medicine.

Goodwin says that two can play the spin game and as Obama spins his tale with meetings and talks with the Pope and Putin, both of these men have figured out the spin game works two ways so they put out their own versions of their discussions with Obama. He calls Obama a “Caesar at home and a Chamberlain abroad” who “manages simultaneously [to] provoke fury and ridicule. He bullies his critics here while shrinking from adversaries there.”

Perhaps one of Goodwin’s most telling comments about the failed presidency of Barack Obama come in his final sentence when he says Obama, “…divides the country and unites the world against us, diminishing the nation in both ways. His reign of error can’t end soon enough, nor can it end well.”

To read Goodwin’s full commentary go to:


As Goodwin says Obama’s chickens have come home to roost for Obama and indeed they have. This president is an ideologist still living in his academic Ivory Tower surrounded by inexperienced aides and yuppies living in a world where everything is “supposed to be perfect and good.” Sorry but that is not the way the real world works!

When Barack Obama was first elected president in 2008 hopes were high but all those hopes have now been dashed against the wall. The Ivory Tower ideology gleamed from sociological textbooks is not working and is not going to work other than in the classroom. Rather than a “fundamental transformation” of America what Obama has actually done is to “fundamentally destroy America” and almost single-handedly in ways that will take decades to regain. Our allies no longer trust us nor do they see our nation as THE leader as they believe Obama and America have abdicated their roles as a world leader. We’ve been caught red-handed spying on these countries and their leaders and their trust has been broken. That trust will not be easily regained even long after Obama is gone from the White House. He has gone around the world apologizing for anything and everything that America has ever done and foreigners are left scratching their heads wondering WTF?. And many Americans are doing the same.

America is no longer a nation of the Lord despite all the rhetoric claiming we are. America’s “god” is the almighty dollar and has been for a very long while now. God is no longer blessing our nation but he sure as hell is starting to damn it. This nation is in BIG TROUBLE in EVERY aspect and on every level. Should Putin gang up with China and both decide to sell off US debt and dump the dollar literally overnight the people of our nation will find themselves in a poverty unimaginable and that will make the Great Depression look like good economic times. This president has consistently spoken of jobs and job creation yet has failed grossly to create any jobs. He seems happy with a REAL unemployment rate that is around 15% as he seems happy with some of the lowest approval ratings of any POTUS in US history. He speaks of fixing our nation’s infrastructure yet does nothing. This president is all talk and NO action and if you haven’t figured that out yet then you seriously need to wake the hell up!

Obamacare was supposed to “fix” healthcare but what it’s actually done is to make it worse and to make it a problem for millions of Americans who had no problem with our healthcare system prior to Obamacare. Obama simply issues imperial edicts when parts of it don’t and can’t work as if he is some sort of Imperial Caesar and our spineless Congress and SCOTUS allow him to get away with it all. Obamacare was a disaster from the start and if you don’t see that by now how the hell can you be missing the elephant in the room mi amigo? It’s NOT about improving healthcare at all but it sure as hell is about improving corporate PROFIT at YOUR expense. Socialist Medicine would be a wonderfully vast improvement and replacement for the disaster known as Obamacare!

Goodwin’s commentary and indictment against Obama is accurate and honest. This is a failed presidency all the way around. It was born in academic ideology and it continues to exist in academic ideology having no part of the real world or reality at all. Ideologists tend to keep spouting their beliefs even in the face of failure because they refuse to look at reality and refusee to compromise their beliefs even those that are an obvious failure. Hopefully in 2016 this nation will elect a new president who can begin work on fixing the damage done by this administration. I do not envy that person and this time around being elected POTUS will be anything but a blessing.  Truly one success Obama has had it that he’s fundamentally transformed this nation into a Republica Bananera (BANANA REPUBLIC).  That in itself says everything history needs to know.


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