Riots in Albuquerque Over Police Shootings

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Demonstrators gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday downtown to begin a 10 hour protest around the city. Riot police were positioned in strategic points throughout the city just in case there was trouble and as a precaution. Protestors were protesting a recent video posted on YouTube showing a deadly police shooting. The video was apparently posted by Anonymous, the Internet cyberattack group of fame. It warned city officials that there would be retaliation for the shooting by police. The video warned that Anonymous would hack city computer systems and websites and it called for mass demonstrations over the shooting. Police did not take these threats lightly as Anonymous has proved many times that they are very capable of hacking government websites and computer systems. Of concern to the police as well was the call for retaliation and mass demonstrations. Police obviously thought Anonymous was fanning the flames of the fireā€¦

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One response to “Riots in Albuquerque Over Police Shootings

  1. I saw the whole video of the homeless man being shot by police on the site owned by Alex Jones. The man did have a knife in each hand and refused to put them down. The guy was acting suspiciously as well. Either way he had weapons and was threatening police. Yet the shooting has been portrayed as if the police just went to where he was camped and shot him dead. NOT what happened! And the video shown by the MSM was only partial and they too portrayed the police as the bad guys. If anything they are part of the cause of these riots as the did NOT report all the facts nor portray the situation police faced accurately. So what is one the corporatist agenda now? They couldn’t incite class or race wars so now they’re trying to incite the public against the police? Meanwhile, it is all designed to deflect our attention from the corporatist bank robbery, treasury robbery, investor rape, corporate “suicides,” lies, lieis and more lies, the sacking of the US Treasury, breaking of numerous laws to numerous to even count now, perpetual war, need I go on?

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