Skull found in Greece Rejects “Out of Africa” THEORY!

Peron's Oddities

Skulls! Cover-ups! Reason? They challenge the infamous “Out of Africa” THEORY (not fact) that human beings first came out of Africa and expanded across the globe.

In 1959 a shepherd boy came across a small cave in Northern Greece. Once inside the cave with some of the local villagers they found it was rich in stalactites and stalagmites. They also found a human skull inside the cave embedded in the wall. Later excavations found numerous fossil remains of pre-humans, animal hair, fossilized wood, and stone and bone tools.

The skull was sent to the University of Thessaloniki, Greece with the agreement that once research on the skull was completed a museum would be opened featuring the finds from the Petralona cave where the skull was found. That never happened, however. The skull became known as the Petralona Man, whose scientific name was designated as Archanthropus of Petralona. The skull was…

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