ATF Sets Up Mentally Disabled People

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If the successful gun running operation run by the ATF known as Operation Fast & Furious wasn’t outrageous for you maybe this will be. Seems the ATF across the country recruited, set up, then arrested mentally disabled people and got them to engage in drug and gun running. Apparently, ATF agents are incapable of telling if someone is mentally disabled or not even though they describe one such person in their report as “slow headed.” And the ATF is not handing out any apologies as these mentally disabled people are now in prison.

This is again more despicable behavior from the ATF masquerading as “law enforcement.” Of course the ATF is not to blame as they didn’t know the people were mentally disabled until they got in court and were told so by defense attorneys. IQ necessary for working for the ATF? I believe it is likely ZERO! More than…

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2 responses to “ATF Sets Up Mentally Disabled People

  1. This is beyond disgusting Peron! A judge should put every one of these disabled people free and jail every ATF agent involved in the set ups. And the ATF agents didn’t know these people were mentally disabled? Can the agents really be that stupid? How could they not know? Apparently the ATF has nothing to do but run guns to the Mexican drug cartels and set up mentally disabled people. So why are we funding them. TIme to cut their budget and eliminate the ATF.

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