5 comments on “Yellowstone: Is it About to BLOW? Animals are on the run!!

    • The animals don’t look like they are in a panic run and they do this a lot there. Sure someday it will blow but that isn’t why they’re running

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  2. Ai Peron! Don’t be an alarmist. It could blow tomorrow or ten thousand years from now. Yellowstone has thousands of earthquakes every year with some ranging in the 3.0 or 4.0 range so quake activity in the park is not unusual. The ground of the caldera rises due to magma uplifting it and then sinks back down as if the earth is taking a deep breath. If the thing ever did blow it would effect the entire planet lowering temperatures by a few degrees which would be enough to kill crops and plants with the end result being mass starvation around the planet. Animals would die from hunger and from breathing in the ash and basically suffocate to death. It would be a major global disaster. And it’s not the only supervolcano as there are many around the world. Here’s a really good vid on YouTube about the whole thing Peron. Grab your Tequila bottle, cigar, and have a watch mi amigo LOL. And pay attention.

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