Yellowstone: Is it About to BLOW? Animals are on the run!!


Mi amigos and amigas if you live anywhere in the southwestern USA or the mid west you may have a problem very soon. A really BIG problem! For several years now I’ve had my eye on Yellowstone National Park. It’s a caldera. A Supervolcano and that’s a scientific proven FACT. I’ve sat and watched the many earthquakes the park has had. I sat and listened to this and that scientist claim one thing and then another. Blah….Blah…Blah! That’s all fine and well BUT what I’ve been waiting for is for nature’s early detection devices to go off. And, apparently, those early detection devices are NOW going OFF! Here’s what I’m talking about………..

Animals are reportedly evacuating Yellowstone. Animals are still very much in touch with nature. They know/sense when something is coming. We are not as we live in FAKERY. Humans are disconnected from nature as we’ve surrounded ourselves with fake environments of asphalt, concrete, and steel. If we lived back in nature then we’d most likely be sensing what animals sense and we’d be getting the hell out of Dodge just like they are right now. Paying attention to what animals do is important if you want to get a “heads up.” In every earthquake they’ve ever had in California and elsewhere zoo animals start acting “strangely” days or sometimes weeks before a big quake strikes. That is, they get really quiet and many of them try to run and escape their cages. Animal instinct is to run especially when something big from nature is coming. Animals in Yellowstone are now on the run and that is NOT good news. They are nature’s early warning devices and I suggest we pay attention as our own lives may depend on it.

There comes to my attention today an article from “The Epoch Times.” You’ll find the link below complete with maps and video from Yellowstone. Park Rangers have sealed off some areas of the park many some years ago as the ground became hot and hiker’s shoe soles were literally melting as they hiked the land. Park officials know there is something happening. They know that the supervolcano ie waking up. Just the day before yesterday the famous Old Faithful tourist attraction in Yellowstone experienced a 3.1 quake (March 31) and it was followed by several lesser quakes. Let us keep in mind as well the big quake in Los Angeles just last week and this morning’s major quake in Chile which registered as an 8.2 followed by a 5.0 among other smaller aftershocks.

Yellowstone is located in the north-western corner of Wyoming. It’s a beautiful place but appearances are most often deceiving. It is a supervolcano caldera and it’s gone off before devasting the entire southwestern US and Mid West. It’s estimated that that happened 2.1 million years ago and then again 640,000 years ago. if you believe the dating techniques of our “science” are accurate. I for one do not! The dating is flawed in some way and I don’t by the billions of zillions years ago shit.

When this monster last went off ash clouds spread out over mid America, the southwest, and northern Mexico. We know that from soil samples as we find soil and ash from Yellowstone down in northern Mexico, across the southwest US, and mid west. The ash clouds spread out from Yellowstone from Arkansas to California and from south Texas up into Canada. Of course back then there wasn’t the “high civilization” that we have today. If Yellowstone goes off now it will wreak havoc on most of the western US like never seen before. The caldera that is Yellowstone is nothing short of HUGE.

On March 30 there was a quake in Yellowstone of the magnitude of 4.8 and that is what seems to have set off some sort of reaction from the animals who are now on the move. Herds of buffalo are running down the highways in the area blindly trying to get away from something. Of course you see such herd on the roads anyway but this time it is different say many eyewitnesses. This time the buffalo are scared….in a panic. Or at least that appears so. Some scientists have said that the quakes in Yellowstone are linked to the big quake out in LA last week. It’s not just the buffalo on the run. Seems the elk in Yellowstone are getting the hell out of Dodge as well. At least 1/4 of the elk in the park are nowhere to be found! That comes from the annual winter count of the herds of elk conducted by park officials yearly.

Current Helium releases from geysers in the park are now 1000 times above normal. Yet, despite all this, there is a blackout by the MSM. Surprised mi amigos? I’m NOT! The MSM doesn’t report news anymore. They simply rattle off the “party line” which is mostly lies! Herds of Bison are also being seen running down the mountain slopes, getting on roads, and running past cars, tourists, hikers, film crews, and park rangers in a panic.

The Yellowstone Caldera is a supervolcano. It is a huge magma chamber beneath the park and it’s not that far under the surface in some places. Scientist have known this for a long time and they thought the caldera wasn’t really that big until they started doing more research and discovered it is HUGE. That is, they found out that it’s about two and one half times bigger than originally thought. Some of the researchers have been astounded by how big this thing is. The last known eruption of this supervolcano as near as scientists can figure was 640,000 years ago and it sent ash clouds ac across the entire North America.

The USGS maintains there’s nothing to worry about as quake activity in the park is “normal” whatever the hell that really is. Of course if you’re waiting for officials of any kind to tell you anything true then dream on! They can have their “science.” I’ll take the early warning devices that our now apparently fleeing for their lives!

I’ll be keeping my eye closer on Yellowstone and the early warning devices (if there are any left in the area). We sit on this earth thinking we humans are all-knowing and all-powerful yet we couldn’t be more WRONG. We are NOT safe in any respect period! Nature is NOT nice! Nature is NOT your city park! Nature can be ruthless, mean, and very deadly! Nature is often cruel so get used to it. Nature just might be preparing to send us a message that no one can ignore. One thing is for sure and that is that something ABNORMAL is going on in the park and the animals “say” so. Stay tuned Hombres!

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5 responses to “Yellowstone: Is it About to BLOW? Animals are on the run!!

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  2. Ai Peron! Don’t be an alarmist. It could blow tomorrow or ten thousand years from now. Yellowstone has thousands of earthquakes every year with some ranging in the 3.0 or 4.0 range so quake activity in the park is not unusual. The ground of the caldera rises due to magma uplifting it and then sinks back down as if the earth is taking a deep breath. If the thing ever did blow it would effect the entire planet lowering temperatures by a few degrees which would be enough to kill crops and plants with the end result being mass starvation around the planet. Animals would die from hunger and from breathing in the ash and basically suffocate to death. It would be a major global disaster. And it’s not the only supervolcano as there are many around the world. Here’s a really good vid on YouTube about the whole thing Peron. Grab your Tequila bottle, cigar, and have a watch mi amigo LOL. And pay attention.

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