US State Dept Missing 6 BILLION Dollars!

Bolivar Rojas 10 Blog

So the Fiscal Times is reporting that the US State Dept is “missing” $6 billion over the past 6 years and it appears they’re trying to blame it all on shaby contractor records.  Fact is the office of Inspector General for the US State Dept has been vacant for the past 5 years also.  Where is the accountability?  Why was the office of IG left vacant for all those years? And it took the State Dept this long to realize they were missing $6 billion?  Sorry but I find that all REALLY hard to believe!

The State Dept isn’t the only one missing billions of taxpayer dollars either.  Fact is this is gross corruption in action.  Everyone at the State Dept ought to be FIRED including that worthless John Kerry.  And Hillary Clinton need to be forced to answer for the missing money since she was Sec or State for…

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