Record Number of Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma!

OK quakesOklahoma! It’s a wonderful state. I’ve been there a few times and love the people and the land. But something “odd” is happening in OK although it’s really no mystery at all. OK used to have very few earthquakes per year but that’s all changed now. Last year they had 222 quakes that were felt and made shelves rattle and this year, thus far, they’ve had an astounding 253 quakes and we aren’t even 6 months into 2014. So OK is having record seismic activity now. What’s causing all the motion?

Fracking! At least that’s what the experts think are causing the surge in quake activity in the big OK state. Experts believe that at least some of the quakes are caused by oil and gas exploration in the state. They’ve linked some of them to gas and oil exploration in the central part of the state. Underground gas work can alter pressure points in the earth and cause shifts. So the question becomes, is fracking wise? What happens if this procedure causes a mega-quake near or around some place like Oklahoma City? How many people will die? But, alas, mi amigos the corporatist do not care how many would die as they are bent on “ANYTHING for PROFIT!” Even at the expense of human life, apparently.

Read more about increased quake activity in Oklahoma at:;_ylt=AwrBEiLCQUBTDxwAIUvQtDMD

USGS Earthquake Map


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