The Black Knight and Nazi UFOs

Peron's Oddities

Black Knight4 It’s called the “Black Knight.” What is it? Well it’s alleged to be a satellite in orbit above the North Pole region in the Arctic. Ufologists and some authors have asserted that the thing is 13,000 years old and that it is of extraterrestrial origin. Back in 1899 inventor Nikola Tesla picked up repeating radio signals which he believed were coming from outer space. The Black Knight Satellite explanation originated in 1954 when several newspapers ran stories attributed to a UFO researcher by the name of Donald Keyhoe. In those media reports it was claimed that the USAF had reported that there were two satellites orbiting the Earth of unknown origin. At that time there were no known man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth. This story was published in the San Francisco Examiner and the St Louis Post Dispatch among others.

Donald Keyhoe was an American US Marines naval…

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