Mexican Drug Cartel Killer Says He’s Killed 40 People in US!

He has told investigators that he’s an “enforcer” for the Mexican drug cartels and they believe him even though his mother warns that not everything he says is true. His name is Jose Manuel Martinez and he’s now a suspected contract killer charged in Central California with killing 9 people. But Martinez has told investigators that his number of victims goes far beyond just 9. He says he’s killed at least 40 people on behalf of the Mexican drug cartels in the United States.

Jose Manuel Martinez

Jose Manuel Martinez

Lawrence County, Alabama District Attorney Errek Jett said that Martinez, 51, says that he’s carried out his crimes for decades and the reason that investigators believe him is because of the details he’s given investigators that only the killer could know. Last year Martinez was arrested after he crossed the US-Mexico border illegally in Arizona. He was sent to Alabama to face trial on one murder charge. Once his arrest became known investigators from around the country went to Alabama to question him about other murders. His attorney, Thomas Turner, says that his client is innocent of the Alabama murder charge and that he doesn’t believe Martinez is a hardened killer. In fact, Turner says he found Martinez to be a “polite and likable individual” and he says Martinez has a “good personality.” Well that’s not surprising considering that some of the most horrendous murders in history have been “nice guys.”

California prosecutors believe Martinez targeted victims in Santa Barbara, Kern, and Tulare counties between 1980-2011. They believe he killed 6 people in Tulare County, 2 in Kern County, and 1 in Santa Barbara County ranging in age from 22 to 56 years old. They say that in 1980 one victim was driving to work in the morning when Martinez shot and killed him. They say he shot two more men in 1982 who were working on a ranch. One of those men survived. The other did not. Also in 1982 prosecutors say Martinez is responsible for another man going “missing.” That man was later found and it was determined he had been stabbed to death. In 2000, prosecutors say, a man was found shot dead in bed with 4 children still in the home and they believe Martinez was the killer. In addition to charging him with 9 murders in California prosecutors there have also charged him with attempted murder saying he carried out the murders for financial gain. If California prosecutors get him convicted then Martinez could be facing the death penalty.

Martinez is currently being held for trial in Alabama where prosecutors say he carried out a murder just last year there. He’s also wanted in Florida on suspicion of two murders back in 2006. Prosecutors won’t comment on his connections with the Mexican drug cartels as they don’t want to damage the case against him at this point. But they say that connection is under investigation as well.

Mass killer Charles Manson was described by many people as being a “nice guy” and I’ve personally talked to some of those people. One lady worked at a car dealership in a small town during the time Manson was trekking across the country to California where he ended up killing actress Sharon Tate and her unborn baby. That lady told me that Manson’s vehicle broke down and it was brought into the dealership for repairs. She was the office manager and once his vehicle was repaired he went to her to pay the bill. She described Manson as being a “really nice guy.” She said he was pleasant and smiled brightly. Yet, this “nice guy” went on to murder several people in the home of Sharon Tate just a few weeks later so thinking killers can’t be nice guys is a myth. Ted Bundy was described by some people who knew him as a “nice guy.” Hell, Jack the Ripper was to! And all those Mafia hit men? Most of them have been described as “nice guys” too. In fact, many of them have been described as “charming.” So just because one is a nice guy doesn’t mean one is not a killer. Martinez is in the same class IMO. He looks nice and innocent but appearances are most often deceiving. If what he says is true and he is an enforcer for the Mexican drug cartels then Martinez is a very dangerous man.

Now I’ll just bet that some of you reading this report are shocked that the Mexican drug cartels are operating inside the US today. Well you shouldn’t be shocked at all. Martinez, if he truly is so, is but one of MANY enforcers they have in the US taking out people in America who “screw them.” They have people working for them in Pinal County, Arizona and elsewhere that sit atop hills armed, with food, water, and binoculars watching for police and border patrol as human traffickers and drug smugglers trek through the desert with their “goods.” They also have “rip crews” that rob and kill other smugglers and it was one of these rip crews that killed US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona two years ago. These people are dangerous and they ARE now operating inside the United States.

Frankly, I believe Martinez. I think he is an enforcer for the drug cartels in Mexico. He looks just the type to me. There are now several investigators across the country looking into various murders that he may have either committed or been involved with so this man should not be taken lightly. And as for his mother? She says she can’t take all this and says not everything Martinez says is true although she’s shocked by his admission as she says she had no idea about him being a killer. She’s a typical parent hoping that her son is not guilty of what is being alleged against him and that is certainly understandable. However, his mother may be in for even a bigger shock if prosecutors can prove he has killed at least 40 people in the US and that he is in fact an enforcer for the Mexican drug cartels. I’ll be keeping an eye on this case.




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