US Sheriffs Warn of Growing Mexican Drug Cartel Operations Deep Inside USA!

Earlier today I posted an article about Jose Manuel Martinez who has admitted to being an “enforcer” for the Mexican drug cartels and also to killing at least 40 people over the past decade. This evening comes more news concerning the notorious Mexican drug cartels and it involves America’s Sheriffs.

sheriff1Numerous US Sheriffs are warning of violence deep inside the US interior from Mexican drug cartels now operating on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Our law enforcement officers, say the Sheriffs, are outmanned and outgunned and they are becoming more alarmed at the scale of human and illegal drug trafficking across America. They are also becoming alarmed about the increases in prostitution, kidnapping, and money laundering that these cartels are engaging in inside the US and far from the US-Mexico border. Further, the Sheriffs say that securing the border is a growing concern among all law enforcement agencies and not simply those near the border. As I posted this morning Martinez is an illegal and he admits coming from Mexico into the US through Arizona numerous times.

Sam Page is the Sheriff of Rockingham County in North Carolina and he says that if the US fails to secure the border that every Sheriff in America will “become a border sheriff.” He said that his county is only a two day drive from the border and his officers have already seen the death and violence that illegal crossings bring into American communities. Page also said that the Mexican drug cartels recently set up one of their “drug warehouses” only about a mile from his home! Further, Sheriff Page stated, “These men are coming into our country with more firepower than I have. I’m literally outgunned.” Sheriff Page said, “We can’t have open borders. We need to track who’s coming in and out of our country. If we don’t know who’s here, how are we going to protect ourselves?”

Sheriff Page and other American sheriffs are attending an annual two day radio confab known as “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” in Washington. It was organized by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

A representative from Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office, Rusty Fleming, said that the US is losing the border war and that “these cartels are sophisticated. They’re getting affluent white teenagers to help them encrypt their software, they do digital money laundering, can hack into government databases, and actively recruit our agents to keep on step ahead.” He added, “the rest of America is now getting a taste of what we’ve been dealing with for years.” Fleming estimates that the cartels have infiltrated more than 3000 US cities and says they are actively recruiting local gangs, former convicts, and teenagers to do their “dirty work.” Further, he went on to note that the cartels are spreading their influence widely inside the US and very rapidly.

Officers in Frederick County, Maryland have also gotten a taste of what law enforcement has been dealing with in the border states for decades now. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of that county said that the cartels are becoming a huge problem in terms of public safety but the federal government can’t take care of it alone as every state and law enforcement officers needs to be able to enforce immigration laws to be effective. Sheriff Jenkins noted that since 2008 his department has arrested 1250 illegal immigrants and out of those 50 have connections to the Mexican cartels and organized crime. He also noted that success in terms of being effective in resolving the border problem is not about numbers but about who is being arrested and caught. He said he does not want Mexican gang members on the streets of his county.

Fleming from Texas said that more stringent measures are needed when it come to enforcing the law pertaining to illegal immigration as a whole. He said, “There is a very, very big opposition to calling these organizations (cartels) what they really are: NACROTERRORISTS.” He noted once they are designated as such then police can pursue them under the US Patriot Act.

America has a drug problem! If there was no market in America for illegal drugs then the cartels would be out of business. America also has a SLAVERY problem! If there were no need for low paid slave workers from Latin America then the human traffickers would be out of business. America needs to take some responsibility in all this. We have the drug problem and provide the market and we have a slave problem. America has always had a slave class. First it was Blacks, then Asians, and now it’s Hispanics! This nation needs to do something about BOTH problems. If we don’t then these cartels are going to be doing what they are doing in Mexico. That is, killing police, killing thousands of innocent people, skinning bodies, hanging headless bodies from our freeway bridges, and a host of other horrors. Sheriffs and police across the nation need to be given the means necessary to deal effectively with the growing problem AND we seriously need to tighten up and secure our southern border. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in a place riddled with death and violence caused by these cartels and gangs. Either we do something about it all NOW or it’s about to get REALLY, really ugly for and in America.

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4 responses to “US Sheriffs Warn of Growing Mexican Drug Cartel Operations Deep Inside USA!

  1. The cartels have extended their reach far beyond the border states. We’ve seen what they’ve done in Mexico and now they are about to do the same in the United States. As for America’s drug problem? Time to do something about it. As was said, no market equals no drug business!

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