5 comments on “Standoff in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch!

  1. Bundy is making a statement. Failure to obey the court orders or pay his lease is not the point. He’s taking a stand against the tyrants in government who seem to think they are lords instead of public elected officials. Should he just obey the law and court orders? Why? Most likely they are illegal and corrupted anyway! And as for DIRTY HARRY nothing surprises me about him. He does NOT represent the people of Nevada. In this case he represents the Chinese solar farm company. Since they could move the boundaries of the habitat of the tortoise for the solar farm that says that all the hype about it being endangered is not so. Or maybe they got paid off to move the boundary, most likely. WAKE UP AMERICA! Government is corrupt all the way around and from top to bottom! I support Bundy all the way. It’s time for people to grow some spine like he has!!

  2. ————UPDATE————-
    Citing a “serious concern” for their safety and public safety BLM agents abruptly ended their cattle roundup in southern Nevada today. This announcement came at the same time militia members and other protesters gathered near the roundup site to protest removal of Bundy’s cattle from federal land. BLM officials had hoped to round up all 900 cattle but succeeded in only capturing about 400.

    For the latest update on this story see:


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