Standoff in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch!

“It’s really about our constitutional rights and statehood, and whether this area known as the State of Nevada is owned by the United States Government or is owned by the sovereign State of Nevada.”—Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy

BundyThere is a situation that has developed in Nevada in case you haven’t already heard involving a local rancher and the BLM and it’s now starting to get really ugly as protestors from around the country are flocking to the area in support of Mr Bundy and his ranch including various Militia members who say they are not afraid to shoot at federal agents. On top of these developments a County Commissioner today said that Bundy supporters “better have funeral plans.” That statement was made by Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins and it is causing outrage from across the country.

Several local and national media have sent reporters to the area to cover the unfolding developments including Alex Jones’ Jones’ website has revealed that US Senator Harry Reid, D-NV may be behind the land grab. They allege that the BLM is attempting to cover-up Reid’s involvement in the growing standoff and it is also alleged that the Chinese government wants the Bundy ranch so they can turn it into a solar farm. Reuters journalist Marcus Stern has reported that Senator Reid was heavily involved in the deal with the Chinese and so was his son, Rory Reid. Stern reported that both Reid’s are involved with ENN Energy Corp, a Chinese energy giant, to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert. Stern says Senator Reid has been one of the project’s “most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on behalf of the project in Nevada.”

Cliven Bundy is a cattle rancher and his family has worked for over 140 years on the land in question raising cattle and ranching. The BLM says that Bundy is letting his cattle run on federal land illegally and that he hasn’t paid his rent for grazing rights on federal land. The BLM says Bundy’s cattle are grazing in an area where the Desert Tortoise is endangered. But many believe the BLM reasons for encircling the Bundy ranch with federal agents and positioning sniper teams and helicopters in the area don’t hold water. They say the feds want Bundy’s ranch

The feds assert Bundy is engaged in illegal cattle grazing on federal land. The government is now rounding up Bundy’s cattle on federal land, land which his cattle have been grazing on for the past 20 years. The BLM has said repeatedly that Bundy failed to comply with multiple court orders to remove his cattle from federal land and end his “illegal trespass.”

Some protestors and some in the media have said that another “Waco” is developing and they may well be right if things continue to get out of hand. Federal agents around the ranch are heavily armed and yesterday they tasered a few protestors who they say were getting out of hand. The Bundy family said a few days ago, “Wake up America!….They are taking everything from us!” That statement was made warning of the growing Nazi-style police state we see developing in America today. The BLM is now bringing a lot of power from out of state including more BLM rangers as the number of protestors outside the Bundy ranch continues to grow. Even the famous country western singer Charlie Daniels is getting in on the growing protests. He is asking if this is the “First test of military against citizens?” Daniels posted his concern on Twitter earlier today. The BLM apparently is rounding up Bundy’s cattle but they are not saying what is being done with them and they won’t say if they’ve killed them or what.

Bundy has ignored several court orders as reported so the BLM is right in that assertion. The federal land Bundy’s cattle are grazing on is leased from the BLM for grazing rights and the Bundy family has had cattle grazing on that land for over 100 years. As for the Chinese company wanting to build the solar farm and the endangered Desert tortoise it appears that the government had no problem moving the boundaries of the tortoise on paper in order to accommodate the Chinese firm and solar farm thanks to the influence of Senator Harry Reid.

The Bundy family and their supporters are angry with the BLM and protestors from around the country are now flocking to the ranch to show their support. The situation is escalating and could get out of control very easily now as the BLM and law enforcement bring in more officers and power. People are angry and some of their anger stems from a growing anger that many Americans have had brewing for a long while now. Americans don’t want to live in a police state! They don’t want nanny government. Many Americans believe just what former POTUS once said, that is, that government isn’t the solution but that government is the problem today.

So what we have here is a quickly developing standoff with a growing number of angry protestors and armed militia along with heavily armed BLM officers and other law enforcement agencies. It won’t take much to set them all off and then this situation could become deadly very quickly. Bundy is claiming that because his family has had grazing rights on the land in question he doesn’t need to comply with court orders or BLM demands. So what he’s doing is refusing to comply with the law while BLM agents are trying to enforce the law and court orders upon him. Perhaps this behavior of ignoring the law comes from seeing the Obama Administration doing the same thing? Just a few days ago US Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress that he has much leeway in what laws to enforce or not. And the Obama Administration has shown a consistent pattern of “pick and choose” when it comes to the Constitution and various laws. So now citizens are doing the same? If such a trend continues and escalates then we will soon become a lawless nation and people in which the rule of law means nothing. Then will begin our slide into barbarism! Are we ready for that?

Fact of the matter is that Bundy should have obeyed the various court orders and taken every legal course of action possible to remedy the situation before now. He doesn’t own the land his cattle are grazing on. It’s owned by the US government who has leased it to him for decades giving him cattle grazing rights just like many ranchers across the nation have. The feds have told him and his cattle to get off the land but he’s refusing claiming his family has been on it for a hundred years. That may well be but he still doesn’t own the land so the feds have every right to tell him to get off the land. He has chosen not to comply with the law and now hundreds of protestors are encamped near his ranch in support including some armed militia. This is a disaster waiting to happen and I’m sure some nut-job will attempt to set the whole thing off any time now so that it will turn into another “Waco.” God knows this country has plenty of nut-jobs more than willing to do just that. Sorry mi amigos but I have to take the feds side on this issue. Bundy is in the wrong and he may be trying to make a political statement but violence is NOT the way to make that statement IMO. We either obey the law, change those we don’t like legally, or we ignore the law and descend into barbarism. The choice is ours. I for one do not wish to live in a barbaric society where the rule of law no longer exists. But, then again, I do not wish to live in a Nazi-style police state either. Level heads need to intervene in this situation before it gets out of hand. Sadly, as of today none with level heads seem to have been found.

I also want to make one thing clear. In this Fascist Corporatist nation we live in today the police are not our enemy IMO. So let’s not try to make them out to be. They are men and women who live in our communities and to alienate them would be a very BIG mistake for We The People. It would be better to get and keep them on the side of We The People as then the corporatist government would have no way of enforcing its tyranny upon us. And the same goes for our veterans and military people. They are not our enemies either. They are our fathers, sons, daughters, and mothers just as police are. Let’s keep that in mind please. Further, yes there is a problem with a growing Fascist Corporatist police state in this country BUT there is also a problem with a growing violent revolutionary segment in this society too at the opposite end of the spectrum. There are people in this nation who would love nothing better than to see people shooting each other dead and at random on a mass scale. These violent revolutionaries do NOT have our best interests at heart either. Let us keep that in mind as well. There is no stability and no sanity or common sense at the far ends of the spectrum. Those things will only be found in the middle not at the extremes be they on the left or the right.

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5 responses to “Standoff in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch!

  1. Bundy is making a statement. Failure to obey the court orders or pay his lease is not the point. He’s taking a stand against the tyrants in government who seem to think they are lords instead of public elected officials. Should he just obey the law and court orders? Why? Most likely they are illegal and corrupted anyway! And as for DIRTY HARRY nothing surprises me about him. He does NOT represent the people of Nevada. In this case he represents the Chinese solar farm company. Since they could move the boundaries of the habitat of the tortoise for the solar farm that says that all the hype about it being endangered is not so. Or maybe they got paid off to move the boundary, most likely. WAKE UP AMERICA! Government is corrupt all the way around and from top to bottom! I support Bundy all the way. It’s time for people to grow some spine like he has!!

  2. ————UPDATE————-
    Citing a “serious concern” for their safety and public safety BLM agents abruptly ended their cattle roundup in southern Nevada today. This announcement came at the same time militia members and other protesters gathered near the roundup site to protest removal of Bundy’s cattle from federal land. BLM officials had hoped to round up all 900 cattle but succeeded in only capturing about 400.

    For the latest update on this story see:

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