18 US Senators BRIBED!


Bolivar Rojas 10 Blog

There is something very revealing published in The Washington Times today in an article by Douglas Ernst. It involve 18 noted US Senators serving on a Senate Committee and all have been BRIBED!

You’ve heard the old saying “money talks and bullshit walks”? Well that’s sure what Comcast is hoping for when it comes to their wishful merger with Time-Warner. The Senate Judiciary Committee began holding hearings on the merger last Thursday and it has now been exposed that all 18 Senators on the Judiciary Committee have taken money from Comcast PAC in the past. And that includes Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken who is thought to be against the merger. There are 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans who serve on the committee. This information was exposed by OpenSecrets.org

A spokesperson for Senator Al Franken of Minnesota said that he accepted $5000 from Comcast PAC in 2009 for his “recount…

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