Flight 370: Without a Trace!

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared over a month ago now and in case you haven’t noticed not a trace has been found. It is as if the flight with all its passengers and crew just disappeared off from the face of the planet. Of course there have been many theories put forth as to what happened but, thus far, none of them have panned out. In the most recent development Australian and Chinese ships heard pings under the Pacific that they thought might be coming from the planes black box but, again, nothing panned out and the plane was not found. Now after hearing four strong pings underwater all has gone quiet and that could mean a couple of things. It could mean that the batteries in the black box have died or it could mean that the pings were not from the aircraft at all as there are many “odd” noises under the ocean. And as for debris? Nothing! Nothing has been spotted and nothing has been washed ashore.

Speculation as to what happened to the plane has ranged from it being hijacked by Muslim extremist terrorists to entering a time vortex an encountering a giant UFO. Some have speculated that the plane didn’t crash at all but was flown safely onto land in places like Pakistan to be used by terrorists at some later date for some diabolical attack. Add to that the losers on the Internet who love to Photoshop anything and everything and you have FAKE pics of the plane landed in a thick forest region somewhere which is, frankly, impossible as this plane was a Boeing 777 with the need for a lot of space to land. It’s not like you’re landing a Volkswagen size plane.

So what happened to Flight 370 and it’s 200 plus passengers and crew? Did it just vanish into thin air? Was it vaporized by some giant UFO that has no interest in us taking them to our leader? Did it enter a time vortex of some kind and suddenly find itself 3000 years in the past or future? Was it hijacked by radical terrorists to be used as some future point for something very deadly and evil?

One thing is for certain and that is IF the plane was hijacked then whoever hijacked it wanted to make sure that the plane was never found and that it disappeared without a trace. And if that is the case then we must start to ask who or what was on that plane? Yet, there is the possibility that the plane entered into some countries airspace and failed to respond to warning and subsequently it was shot out of the sky and, if this is the case, that country is covering up the details. But then there is the curious flight path.

The plane took off from Malaysia flew straight for a time and then made a rather abrupt left turn heading west. Authorities believe it then flew straight west for a time and then abruptly turned south towards Australia’s west coast. And somewhere in that area they believe it may have crashed in the deep ocean waters and that’s the place where the pings have been heard too. Now why would the pilot fly a fly path like that? Was the plane lost? It is as if the plane took off from Malaysia and then begin wandering around blindly. Was there equipment failure? Did the pilot think they were headed towards Vietnam when in fact they were going the opposite direction? Why didn’t the plane turn around after taking off from Malaysia and land back where it took off from if there was equipment failure? Why didn’t they fly straight to Australia and land? Why was this plane headed out over deep ocean and towards……Antartica? And is that where the plane is? Could it even have made it there on the fuel it had?

Something highly irregular happened to this plane and its crew and passengers. I don’t think it was hijacked by terrorists and I most certainly do not think it was hijacked by Iran, Pakistan, or Israel for use in some future diabolical attack somewhere. I do think that the plane may have been shot down by some air force accidentally and if that is the case then the country responsible needs to admit it and take responsibility for it. I do think the plane might have had profound equipment failure which caused it to go far off course, too, and that perhaps the pilot could not turn the plane around so it flew aimlessly until it crashed into the ocean. Beyond that then we have to consider the odd and bizarre. Things like UFOs and time vortexes.

We sit in our nice little homes or offices thinking we have the whole world explained and nicely categorized in sweet little explanations. We think the whole planet has been explored and there’s nothing under the oceans that we don’t know about. Everything is safe, warm, and fuzzy just like lollipop-land. But the FACTS are very different I’m afraid. Our little safe no-it-all routine is make-believe fantasy for the most part. There is, in fact, a whole lot about this planet that we don’t know and when it come to the oceans we know even less. Life and our existence is not as safe as we think it is.

At least 12 nations along with their navies and air forces have been on the case of this missing plane for slightly over a month now. Some very sophisticated equipment has been brought in and still nothing! Not a trace! Surely by now someone, somewhere would have found something either on the ground or on the water even if it was one lone life-preserver or seat. But there is NOTHING. We may never know what happened to this aircraft and her crew and passengers. The disappearance of Flight 370 may remain a mystery for decades to come. Sadly, the family, friends, and coworkers of the 200 + people aboard that plane will never have closure. They will never know what happened to their loved ones and, perhaps, that is the greatest tragedy of all. Not knowing. Authorities assure us that the search will continue but at some point soon the search will be called off and, sadly, I suspect it will be called off without anything being found or without any of us knowing what happened. And so, Flight 370 will have disappeared without a trace and gone into that realm of MYSTERY that is very much alive and well in our modern times. It’s disappearance will become a “Cold Case” and we will spend the rest of our lives wondering what exactly happened. We live in an increasingly strange world mi amigos. Increasingly strange…indeed.


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