6 comments on “Former KKK Leader Kills 3 at Jewish Center in Kansas!!

  1. Obama and his Regime are bringing up a return of bad feeling of people. Every time he flips out the race card, somebody wants to punch him in the face and I see people going crazy, but, it has been building up. It’s not that Obama is back, it is the type of person he is. Blacks like Allen West, Collin Powell, The Sheriff of Milwaukee. Outstanding people. Then maybe with the economy (?) the Jews? I do not understand how the Jews enter into anything of the 21st Century. An old man and a boy. Something else, because that is anything but, heroic. A psychiatrist would be needed to pick apart that ball of knots. I have been easing off of covering the event because of groups he was allegedly associated with because, was it the advanced raiding party? Will there be others? Part of some larger plan? One thing if the guy runs around yelling White Power, another thing when the harm caused is done to the innocent. At the end of it all, Obama figures into the mix, and should stop antagonizing people with racial nonsense. Around here, the Skinheads made a comeback. They are not kids. Late 30s, to mid 40s. Their group tripled in number and every now and then, I see them on the street. If they were ever to go off, it would be a very violent confrontation and even police would get hurt. All this because Obama and too many liberals keep flipping the race card. Why race?

  2. If this man is found guilty he should get the death penalty as an example to anyone in the future who wishes to follow in his footsteps. As for the doctor and his grandson they weren’t even Jewish as they were CHRISTIANS so if this guys intent was to kill Jews he missed the boat completely! What a monster!

    Brittius you are correct. Obama never misses a chance to play the race card and neither does his sidekick AG Eric Holder. Yes Obama should stop his crap and so should Holder. I heard a few years ago from police officials that the KKK and neo-Nazi groups have more members today than every before. Interesting as economic times dive, racial tensions rise. Liberals and radicals are very guilty of playing the race card but it’s all nonsense. Obama is a horrible POTUS and he’s ruined this nation in many respects. It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin and let us remember he’s only HALF BLACK.

    • Half pregnant?
      3/100ths of 1% of our blood determines race. Geneticists can so far, change sex, hair color, eye color, size and shape of the body, all through DNA but, the one and only thing that nobody can change is race. Then why get angry at a person when it is beyond their control what color they are born? That is why in New Orleans and other Catholic hospitals up until about the early 1950s, nuns were the only ones that determined what race would be written on birth certificates. People messed around with birth certificates to avoid scandals, miscegenation, or even revenge where if someone did not like a person, a member of the family at birth would be willfully misrepresented on the certificate of birth. Nuns were trusted to be fair and honest.
      Let’s face it, many times, everyone has something to say about one group or another, but really, nothing should be brought up. When I see stupid tings or hear stupid things, I say, “What’s the matter, no White blood?” It is intended to wake a person up and start thinking. Years ago, people said worse, and it was to get people’s attention. The race card nonsense will have no good come of it.

  3. They used to classify Hispanics as “white” on their birth certificates if they were light skinned. But they weren’t white. They were Hispanic. And some Hispanics claimed to be “white” but they weren’t. So the nuns figured that since their skin was light colored they’d just put them down as “white.”

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