Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives

PERON SAYS—–the situation is obviously being aggravated by activists on both sides of the border. However, some of these people truly ARE in fear for their lives be it from corrupt government officials in Mexico and/or the notorious and murderous Mexican drug cartels whom they’ve crossed or refused to cooperate with in Mexico. Like the article says these people would rather face the US justice and immigration system than return to Mexico where for many of them certain death, kidnapping, or toruter await. Americans have underestimated the drug cartels and their ruthlessness but Americans are now starting to get a good taste of them right here in America as they expand their criminal operations across our border and into America. No human being wants to live under tyranny or threat yet that is what the cartels employ consistently. Add this atop the fact that Mexico and especially the rest of Latin America are Third World countries with no jobs and no future and that’s a BIG problem! Somehow this problem has got to be fixed by BOTH the US and Mexico. The drug cartels must be put out of business but in order for that to happen America must do something about their drug problem as America is the market for the cartels. And Latin America must be raised up out of the Third World and jobs must be created for these people. Additionally, the corrupt governments in Latin America must end! Those governments done’t give one damn about their people. They only see them as cattle! It’s time for Latin Americans to RISE UP and fight these dictatorships and oust them!

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Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives

April 12, 2014 10:37 am Invasion U.S.A.

(Breitbart) – A recent trend along Texas’ southern border involves illegal immigrants flocking to the U.S., turning themselves in to Border Patrol officials, and then expressing credible fear for their lives. Word has apparently spread throughout Central America that immigrants who take these steps have a good chance of obtaining asylum in the U.S.

The newly popular practice is straining federal resources, causing “detention facilities, asylum offices and immigration courts [to be] overwhelmed,” according to the New York Times.

Sylvia Longmire, Breitbart Texas Contributing Editor and border security expert, said, “While historically most illegal immigrants haven’t been aware of their legal option to request a credible fear interview and likely remain in the U.S. on supervised release before their hearing (prior to which many will abscond), word is slowly starting to spread. It’s placing a huge burden on agencies like CBP and ICE.”

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One response to “Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives

  1. As you say Peron some of these people have crossed the drug cartels and their fear for their lives is warranted. Some also fear for their lives due to corrupt government officials in Mexico or Latin America. However, most are coming into the US for jobs and with hopes for better lives. They no there is no hope in Latin American countries, no future, no jobs. They want something better for themselves and their families and who doesn’t?

    I’m not so sure that most of these people are asking of political asylum. Maybe SOME are but I highly doubt the majority are. And as for the pic associated with this article I question it. Obviously it is meant as an affront to Americans. If anything his pic was staged or it was taken of workers outside a church waiting for work to come along as someone yelled obcenities at them. The pic does NOT reflect the real attitude of these people towards America! When you talk to them MOST are VERY GRATEFUL to be in America legal or not!

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