One comment on “Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives

  1. As you say Peron some of these people have crossed the drug cartels and their fear for their lives is warranted. Some also fear for their lives due to corrupt government officials in Mexico or Latin America. However, most are coming into the US for jobs and with hopes for better lives. They no there is no hope in Latin American countries, no future, no jobs. They want something better for themselves and their families and who doesn’t?

    I’m not so sure that most of these people are asking of political asylum. Maybe SOME are but I highly doubt the majority are. And as for the pic associated with this article I question it. Obviously it is meant as an affront to Americans. If anything his pic was staged or it was taken of workers outside a church waiting for work to come along as someone yelled obcenities at them. The pic does NOT reflect the real attitude of these people towards America! When you talk to them MOST are VERY GRATEFUL to be in America legal or not!

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