The Nevada Standoff and the BLM

cowboys1In the Southern Nevada standoff the BLM has backed down claiming that the standoff was growing very dangerous and they felt a high level of concern for their officers and the public’s safety if the confrontation were allowed to continue. The BLM has also given Bundy back his cattle they rounded up on federal land and the BLM says they will now attempt to make Bundy comply with federal law via the courts and administrative actions. So the volatile situation is defused at least for the moment. The legal fight over grazing fees will continue and the BLM hold the position that Bundy owes the government about $1 million in grazing fees which he is refusing to pay. Bundy claims the land is his land even though he has no deed to the land and the land is in fact federal land.

What we’ve seen in Nevada in the past week is the Old West traditions confronting the New West environmental sensibilities. The Old West has won. Cowboys are tough and steeped in tradition especially when it comes to land and cattle and they don’t back down easily. They want LESS government not more and, frankly, they think all the environmentalists are a bunch of “nut jobs.” Cowboys are men who still hold manly values and traditions and one thing they don’t do is back down from a fight even if that fight is with government. They aren’t going to fall in line with all of the PC bullshit and they sure as hell aren’t going to cater to the environmentalists. Cowboys aren’t thugs but they don’t put up with any shit from anyone either. If need be they will defend themselves, their families, their land, and their cattle with ANY means they deem necessary. One would think that the BLM would have known this but apparently not even though they have daily contact with these cowboys and should know what they are like. But it appears that the BLM like so many other government agencies dwell in ivory towers amid PC gardens of CRAP disconnected from reality. Did they really think these cowpocks would just stand by and not come to the aid of one of their own?

Thousands of ranchers in the West run their cattle on federal lands and pay a grazing fee to the federal government. Some of these ranches are small family owned operations and others are corporate operations. This whole thing began when Bundy refused to pay the grazing fees the BLM was demanding he pay. There comes a point when the common folk are squeezed all they are going to be squeezed by government and when the common folk get to that point they really don’t give a damn what it takes to make the feds back off even if it means a few lose their lives over it.

This should serve as a prime example and warning to those ivory tower idealists in government today that the common folk are NOT going to just lay down and take their growing tyranny! All across this country people are growing tired of being under the government jackboot and it’s just not cowboys in the Wild West. It’s working people, poor people, minorities, and thousands of others who are coming to the point that enough is enough. Americans are NOT going to willingly live under a Nazi style Fourth Reich born of Fascist Corporatism period! For anyone to think they are is delusional. Americans will take a lot but when they are pushed too far they bite back and that is exactly what the Bundy Ranch affair was. The common folk biting back! All I can say is it’s about time America! It’s time to stand up and fight back just like these cowboys did last week. We don’t want the fascist tyranny police state! It’s time Washington wake up, climb down out of their ivory towers, and get a taste of the real world. And as for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada whose deeply involved in a deal with the Chinese government to take Bundy’s land so they can build a solar farm I have one question for the good people of Nevada.

Why is this man still in the US Senate?

If ever there was a sitting US Senator in need of impeachment it is Harry Reid!

For an excellent article on the Bundy standoff see:



3 responses to “The Nevada Standoff and the BLM

  1. Harry Reid is most possibly the most corrupt US Senator on the Hill. He’s a corporatist who cares nothing for the people of Nevada and once the people of Nevada figure that out he’ll be O-U-T. Hopefully that will be soon. I’m sure he was behind this as he’s in league with the Chinese and their solar farm. It would mean BIG MONEY and money is what motivates the corporatist like Reid and nothing else. He should now be investigated, impeached, and recalled from office or forced to resign in disgrace.

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