Reid Says It Isn’t Over Bundy!

Dirty Harry says IT ISN’T OVER! After Nevada Rancher Bundy successfully got the feds to back off and put Harry Reid’s deal with the Chinese to put a solar farm on the disputed land in jeopardy Dirty Harry appears upset. Up until now he’s been very quiet about the whole incident that unfolded last week in southern Nevada as confrontation between Bundy and his supporters and the BLM grew. The BLM finally backed off after hundreds of supporters and militia members from across the nation showed up to support Bundy. The BLM even released the 400 cattle belonging to Bundy that they’d been rounding up. The Feds say that the dispute is over Bundy’s refusal to pay grazing fees to the feds and the endangered desert tortoise but Alex Jones’ uncovered the real reason the feds wanted Bundy’s cows off the land. Senator Harry Reid had struck a deal with the Communist Chinese to put a solar farm on the land.

Reid commented on the controversy yesterday in Reno. He told Reno’s News4, “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have the American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.” Why not Dirty Harry? Congress and the Senate do it all the time!

Fact is Dirty Harry got caught trying to pull a fast one and he didn’t expect Bundy to buck up to him and his Communist Chinese compadres. But when Bundy did then Dirty Harry’s plans began to fall apart. I’d like to know how many pesos Reid stands to make off the solar farm and I’d also like to know why the Chinese want it in Nevada. Do they not have a place to put it in China? Something is amiss about Dirty Harry’s little deal.

Reid’s comments yesterday are laughable at best. Sorry Reid but when the American people see Congress ignoring the law daily along with the POTUS your words become a JOKE rather quickly. Since Reid obviously wants to know enforce laws why doesn’t he start with Barack Hussein Obama who has violated so many laws that no one even keeps count anymore. And while you’re at it how about all those shady deals that go on up on Capitol Hill such as EVERY member of the Senate Judiciary Committee having received large sums of money from Comcast PAC? The committee is reviewing the Comcast merger with Time Warner. The FCC will have the final say but the Senate has a lot of influence over what the FCC will do. I find it highly suspicious that every member of the committee has willingly accepted “donations” from Comcast.

Reid ought to now be investigated himself to determine if he sent the BLM after Bundy and if he did then Reid needs to be removed from the Senate. He does not have the best interests of the people of the state at heart. He seems most interested in lining his own pockets. And just why is he making deals with Communists? China can put their solar farm where it belongs. In CHINA!

Additionally BLM spokesman Craig Leff said that the door isn’t closed on the Bundy controversy. He told reporters tha the BLM has not cut any deals or negotiated anything with Bundy. This past Friday infowars reporter Kit Daniels uncovered documents linking Reid to the current director of the BLM. He’s Reid’s former senior adviser on the Chinese solar farm deal. Further, Harry Reid’s son Rory has been the chief representative to the Chinese company. Conflict of interest?

Although the BLM has claimed that Bundy’s cows are endangering the desert tortoise the BLM itself has been killing the tortoises in mass in times past and they moved the boundary of the habitat to accommodate the solar farm plans. Bundy is the last rancher in the area and his family has used the federal land for grazing for the past 140 years. Bundy supporters remain at the Bundy ranch in support of him. The question is what the feds will do next.

Former Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County, Arizona says that his sources inside the federal government are telling him that the weekend retreat by the BLM is only a ploy to divert public attention away from the dispute and is designed to diffuse tension but the BLM is still planning a raid on the Bundy ranch. Mack is executive director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Mack told WND that he doesn’t see how a raid could be carried out without violence and he said he doesn’t think the Bundy clan will just lay down and take it. He also told the Ben Swann Radio Show that there is no question that the feds are preparing for raid on the ranch and on the Bundy home.

Former Presidential candidate Ron Paul said he fears the feds might launch another Waco-style raid on the Bundy’s. It expressed his fear while appearing on Fox News with Neil Cavuto last night. Paul said it would be naive to think that the feds have thrown in the towel and warned that they might come back to the ranch with “a lot more force like they did at Waco with the Davidians.” Fox host Neil Cavuto commented that the potential for violence across America is on a “very slight trigger” and Ron Paul agreed adding that this is the great fear in government especially if the nation’s financial crisis gets worse. He said he anticipated that to happen soon.

To be fair it must be noted that rancher Cliven Bundy has had a long ongoing battle with the BLM over his cattle grazing on federal land. He claims that he virtually owns the land as his family has run cattle on it for the past 140 years but, in fact, he doesn’t own the land as it is federal land owned by the federal government. He’s been ordered more than once to pay grazing fees by the courts but he’s thumbed his nose at those court orders and has refused to pay the fees. Small and large ranchers across the southwest pay the feds grazing fees so they can run their cattle on federal land which is a common practice. Granted Bundy should obey the court orders but the BLM response is one of overreaction in my opinion. Now the situation has escalated to a standoff as militias and supporters have congregated on the ranch in support of Bundy and they, like the BLM, are armed and have said they are not afraid to shoot at law enforcement. The BLM retreat this weekend is being hailed as a victory by Bundy supporters across the country. Most likely Ron Paul is right as it is not a retreat but a ploy to defuse the situation and then raid Bundy at some future point.

As for Senator Harry Reid? His dealings with the Chinese firm need to be investigated as it all appears to be a shady deal at least. It needs to be determined if he influenced the BLM to go after Bundy and remove him from the land. If so then Reid is acting like he’s a Mafia godfather and using the BLM as his own personal thugs. Is that the kind of man we want in the US Senate? So the situation continues. Diffused for now but most likely not for long. Let’s face it. The federal government is out of control and needs to be reigned in. Somewhere along the line they decided they are some sort of dictatorship but they couldn’t be more wrong. At some point the American people are going to have to confront and deal with this Fascist Corporatism that now rules over us in this country and I suspect it is not going to be very pretty. People don’t want to live under tyranny. Americans aren’t going to accept tyranny laying down. I think the feds know that and that is what all the militarizing of the police and the buying of massive amounts of ammo is all about. The feds fear a confrontation with the American people, revolution, and we appear to be headed for that sometime soon, sadly. I would hope not but all the signs are certainly there unfortunately.


4 responses to “Reid Says It Isn’t Over Bundy!

  1. Only the American people are not allowed to violate the laws per Reid. What about foreigners and ILLEGALS in America? American PEOPLE = Every American. Maybe Reid does not represent the People anymore and only represents himself and the monarchy until a rope gets placed around their necks.

  2. I would hope your source for the solar farm possibilities is from somthing a little more unbiased than InfoWars. While I have no doubt Ried may have had alternate plans for the land it would require evidence. InfoWars has long since lost it’s credibility as an impartial and unbiased source. I do agree however, that with Bundy owing over $1M in fees the government isn’t just going to forget about it.

    • Infowars seems to try to fan the flames in many situations and I have my own suspicions about them and the agenda of Alex Jones et al. No the government is not going to forget about the grazing fees Bundy owes. All ranchers both large and small pay such fees to run their cattle on federal land. Bundy has been ordered by the courts to pay the fees yet he ignores the court orders and says the land belongs to him because his family has ran cattle on it for the past 140 years. Well that doesn’t constitute owning the land. His family has leased the land for the past 140 years and not owned it. Bundy needs to pay up and why wasn’t he put in jail for refusing to obey a court order long ago? Something about this story is not adding up and Jones is exploiting it.

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