4 comments on “Reid Says It Isn’t Over Bundy!

  1. Only the American people are not allowed to violate the laws per Reid. What about foreigners and ILLEGALS in America? American PEOPLE = Every American. Maybe Reid does not represent the People anymore and only represents himself and the monarchy until a rope gets placed around their necks.

  2. I would hope your source for the solar farm possibilities is from somthing a little more unbiased than InfoWars. While I have no doubt Ried may have had alternate plans for the land it would require evidence. InfoWars has long since lost it’s credibility as an impartial and unbiased source. I do agree however, that with Bundy owing over $1M in fees the government isn’t just going to forget about it.

    • Infowars seems to try to fan the flames in many situations and I have my own suspicions about them and the agenda of Alex Jones et al. No the government is not going to forget about the grazing fees Bundy owes. All ranchers both large and small pay such fees to run their cattle on federal land. Bundy has been ordered by the courts to pay the fees yet he ignores the court orders and says the land belongs to him because his family has ran cattle on it for the past 140 years. Well that doesn’t constitute owning the land. His family has leased the land for the past 140 years and not owned it. Bundy needs to pay up and why wasn’t he put in jail for refusing to obey a court order long ago? Something about this story is not adding up and Jones is exploiting it.

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