3 comments on “Harry Reid NOT Involved in Solar Farm Deal! FACT: There is NO DEAL!!

  1. Undoubtedly many things going on. What is needed is a Congressional investigation and Congressional Hearing into the entire matter. Too much going on with the eels of congress involved in too much for their own personal gain.
    Personally, if I were at Nevada, once the communications were cut, and once a no-fly zone declared (both federal felonies if no actual emergency – and somebody high up, had that done), that tells me, that BLM did not want WITNESSES. The Clark County Executive made threats about funerals, as did the Clark County Sheriff as to being on their own and getting hurt, the laws at that point shift into self-defense mode, and I, would have, pulled the trigger.

  2. Personally Peron I’ve found infowars and Alex Jones NOT to be a reliable source. It is an ultra-right wing website and Jones is a big conspiracy theorist with a boogie man lurking around every corner. At least that is what he would have us believe.

    As for the Bundy Standoff Cliven Bundy is a lawbreaker by his refusal to obey the court orders and he should be arrested. He doesn’t own the land no matter how long his family has run cattle on it. I think the BLM cut communications and declared a no-fly zone as part of an effort to control the situation so it wouldn’t get out of hand. There were a lot of people showing up in support of Bundy namely ultra-right wing types and armed militia. The BLM had to do something to maintain control and keep things from getting out of control. Did they do the right thing? Maybe or maybe not. But they did what they did and now the situation is defused.

    I see articles on the Jones site claiming the BLM shot a prize bull belonging to Bundy and other cattle and another article claiming this is just the start of massive civil unrest in this nation. Hopefully not! I highly doubt the BLM shot the cattle. Question is who did? Supporters showed up with an agenda especially the armed militias. Perhaps one of them shot the bull and cows. Perhaps someone not even connected with the situation did. Who knows?

    The standoff has turned into all hype and once again the police are the bad guys. I can’t help but notice in many of the reports posted by Jones that seems to be the most common conclusion. Yet he turns around and says he’s not anti-police? I don’t thing the BLM is the bad buy in this situation. Bundy needs to just obey the law. If he doesn’t like the law then there are ways set forth in this country to change it legally and peacefully. But he seems to have decided not to do that and instead play the role of the poor rancher who is being persecuted by government unfairly.

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