EPA Seeking Biggest Land Grab in History and Control ALL Water Rights!

Agenda 21 is growing in the US as the UN plan to control all wildlands is being carried out before our eyes. I have no sympathy for the UN as I think they are nothing more than a corrupt pack of nations bent on world government and I really question why the United States is still a member of such a corrupt organization. Now comes news that the EPA wants to control all water ways in the US which is one more demonstration of the Obama Administration’s mal-intent towards the private sector. That mal-intent is spawned by the fact that President Obama and his administration are Corporatist owned by Wall Street.

It’s being called the biggest land grab in world history by lawmakers and farmers across the nation. The EPA is asking Congress for jurisdiction over all public and PRIVATE streams in the US that are “intermittent, seasonal, and rain dependent.” That pretty much describes MOST streams and waterways in the US. The land grab is being supported by the EPA and the US Army Corp of Engineers. They say it is only an effort to clarify which streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act. The EPA says the proposed new rule “will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act.” However, some lawmakers in Washington strongly disagree as to many farmers and ranchers across the nation.

Congressional budget testimony was given in Congress last week and it was revealed that the new rule would give the EPA authority over most streams on private land EVEN if they have been dry for the past hundreds of years! House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers R-KY said the economic impact of the new rule would be “profound.” He said that a community wishing to build on private land that had a stream on it even if that stream is dry would have to travel to Washington for get EPA approval and that would “absolutely freeze economic activity in this country.” Rogers added that the proposed new rule is further proof of the mal-intent of the Obama administration towards the private sector.

During last weeks hearings Senator Lisa Murkowski R-Alaska asked EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy how the new rule would impact Americans’ civil liberties and their ability to conduct business. McCarthy could not cite any specifics and appeared to simply pass off the Senator’s question. Yes, it was a classic example of “let them eat cake.” McCarthy did say, however, that the proposed new rule is posted on the EPA website for the next 90 days and is requesting comments on the issue.

McCarthy told Congress that the EPA is simply trying to clarify protection for upstream waters that are vital to downstream communities. She went on to say that clean water is essential for American families who “rely on safe places to swim and healthy fish to eat.” She also said it is essential to farmers who need clean water to grow crops and to hunters and fishermen who depend on clean waters for recreation and work. And she added clean water is also essential to businesses that “need a steady supply of water for operations.” That’s all fine and well, however, the EPA does NOT have a good track record on anything!

Some lawmakers and many farmers across the nation are concerned that the new rule would allow the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management along with the Energy Department and US Army to dictate on a scale never seen before in this nation on everything from grazing rights, food production, animal health, and the use of energy on PRIVATE lands. Farmers are making sure their voices are being heard on Capital Hill claiming that the EPA “exemption” for farmers is not so farm friendly as the Obama administration would like to have us believe.

McCarthy could also not give clear information to Congress when lawmakers asked her about the extent of the new rules reach including who would be fined if the new rule were violated and where that money would end up going. She informed lawmakers that the “scientific study” that the proposal is based on is still under way. WTF? Sounds to me like McCarthy either has a disconnect or that it’s all a smoke screen so the EPA can bring any and all economic growth to a complete halt in this country.

No one can forget the absolute JOKE not long ago when the EPA declared CO2 a pollutant even though it’s required for plant growth. That JOKE showed just how incompetent the EPA really is and how out of touch with the real world they are. Now this agency wants blanket jurisdiction over virtually all wetlands and streams across the county? That’s like handing the hen to the fox!

The Obama administration is a deceptive administration. In fact it is one of the most deceptive administrations in US history. He never means nor does what it says and it’s always looking for and using back doors to push its agenda through. The administration is no friend of the private OR small business sector and that’s been proven over and over again in the past 6 years. It has burdened small business with an overwhelming amount of regulations to the point that many small businesses have shut their doors. Obama has promised to create jobs for Americans for the past 6 years but in fact has created NONE. In fact, more Americans today are unemployed than every before and even though he claims an unemployment rate of around 7% the truth is it is more about 16% once you factor in all those people who have used up their unemployment and have stopped even looking for a job. This land grab is just one more effort by this administration to destroy economic growth as that is what they’ve been doing since day one back in 2008. The EPA doesn’t need clarification over the Clean Water Act. It’s already clear enough unless the agency is managed by complete morons which I strongly suspect it is and have for along while.

Any law regulating water rights and management must be made by CONGRESS and not the EPA. Keep in mind that this is the same agency that is still trying to make it illegal for you to gather rain water because they say it negatively effects rivers, streams, and creeks. If that isn’t laughable then what the hell is? This agency is out of control and needs to be ELIMINATED! Just think of all the tax money we could save! The EPA has repeatedly proven it’s stupidity since the agency was created. The bottomline of the EPA agenda is obviously a desire to control ALL land and water and natural resources and once done the EPA will control all food and water which is necessary for life. And they carry out their agenda on the premise that they are only trying to protect the environment. I think they are NOT honestly! They are yet one more pawn of the global corporatist used to do their bidding!

As for Agenda 21 and the piece of SHIT known as the United Nations they got their protection of “wildlands” right out of the Communist Manifesto! They know that whoever controls the land and water controls the population of the masses and COMMUNIST want the masses ENSLAVED NOT LIBERATED! Come to think of it that’s the SAME thing the Fascist Corporatist want!!

So what comes next for the EPA? A desire to control sunshine? Will they seek to outlaw sun tanning as we humans have not innate right to be in the sun? Do you see the LUNACY of it all yet? There is something WRONG with the people overlording us. Most likely they’ve taken too many of those drugs shipped into the US by the Mexican drug cartels! Now their minds are crazed and depraved to the point they are not even in touch remotely with reality. And then there is Crony Capitalism which is a mixture of Communism and Nazism all wrapped up in one and that is the ONLY kind of capitalism remaining in the US today! Government has been reduced to nothing more than one big corporation and the stock market has been turned into one big Vegas gambling casino. If the EPA had its way there would be no fishing, no boating, no irrigation, no water drinking, no breathing! How INSANE is that?

SUGGESTION:  Go to the EPA website and comment on the proposed rule!

Time for the EPA to be defunded and put out of business as they FAIL in their duties AND common sense!

For more on this FARCE see:


Oh BUT Wait————-


Proposed new rule change:

Comment on the proposed rule change:
The EPA website says—

Members of the public can comment on the proposed rule for 90 days after it is published in the Federal Register. Check back here for updates about how to submit a comment.




6 responses to “EPA Seeking Biggest Land Grab in History and Control ALL Water Rights!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    But EPA says nothing of water rights sold to China and Switzerland, to bottle American water and sell it all over the world, including America. Buying our own water form under our own ground! You cannot have a water well anymore where I live, and the septic tanks are being made unlawful. If you have a water well or septic system, the property falls under the jurisdiction of EPA. If map of geological survey indicate any underground water on the property, it is under the jurisdiction of the EPA.

  2. It’s truly unfortunate that so many the private sector have such an abysmal record of behaving ethically and legally. If they did, we wouldn’t even need an EPA. But they don’t. Alas. If people simply acted with intelligence, a sense of ethics and consideration for others, we could reduce our laws to a page and a handshake.

    • Yes Donachy’s and that is the other side of the coin. Industry has a horrid record of polluting our water sources and without any remorse at all. Case in point: The BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back. They killed the environment basically, killed hundreds of people and/or made them sick living on the coast, and put many others out of jobs. And no one went to jail? And who can forget when industry “used to ” release toxic waste into our rivers and streams and think nothing of it? I think the EPA needs to be revamped and someone with some common sense needs to be put in charge of it. McCarthy just isn’t the right person IMO. As with everything it is a two sided coin and the solution must be found in the middle not at the extremes. Thank you for your comment and please feel free to do so again.

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