6 comments on “EPA Seeking Biggest Land Grab in History and Control ALL Water Rights!

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    But EPA says nothing of water rights sold to China and Switzerland, to bottle American water and sell it all over the world, including America. Buying our own water form under our own ground! You cannot have a water well anymore where I live, and the septic tanks are being made unlawful. If you have a water well or septic system, the property falls under the jurisdiction of EPA. If map of geological survey indicate any underground water on the property, it is under the jurisdiction of the EPA.

  2. It’s truly unfortunate that so many the private sector have such an abysmal record of behaving ethically and legally. If they did, we wouldn’t even need an EPA. But they don’t. Alas. If people simply acted with intelligence, a sense of ethics and consideration for others, we could reduce our laws to a page and a handshake.

    • Yes Donachy’s and that is the other side of the coin. Industry has a horrid record of polluting our water sources and without any remorse at all. Case in point: The BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back. They killed the environment basically, killed hundreds of people and/or made them sick living on the coast, and put many others out of jobs. And no one went to jail? And who can forget when industry “used to ” release toxic waste into our rivers and streams and think nothing of it? I think the EPA needs to be revamped and someone with some common sense needs to be put in charge of it. McCarthy just isn’t the right person IMO. As with everything it is a two sided coin and the solution must be found in the middle not at the extremes. Thank you for your comment and please feel free to do so again.

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