Hitler died in Argentina NOT in the Bunker!

by Juan Carlos de Alvaro—

I just finished reading an excellent book entitled “Grey Wolf” by Simon Dunstand and Gerrard Williams. It is very detailed especially when it comes to the final days of World War 2 and what was going on in Berlin and Hitler’s bunker. Most of the world believes Hitler and his lover Eva Braun committed suicide in the bunker as the Soviet Shock Troops approached but, truly, there is
Hitlerno real evidence for that. In fact, there’s more evidence that they did not commit suicide and the charred bodies found were doubles which were frequently used by Hitler. Even the Soviet General doubted the charred remains were those of Hitler and Braun and Soviet leader Josef Stalin never believed they died nor did FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. In fact, they believed both Hitler and Braun escaped first going to Norway and then to Spain then boarding a Nazi U-boat to Argentina where they would spend the rest of their lives relatively quietly. There are numerous witnesses in Argentina who say they saw both of them after the war right up until the early 1960s. The preponderance of evidence alone strongly suggests that Hitler did not die in the bunker at the end of the war but that he and Braun, along with several other Nazis, escaped to Patagonia in Argentina.

Hitler’s secretary Martin Borman was in charge of the whole escape operation. He had transferred billions overseas including Nazi loot and Borman got out of Europe thanks to the “rat lines” operated and maintained by the Curia of the Vatican in Rome! I’ve heard about this before but was astounded after reading this book at the depth of the involvement of the Vatican in aiding Nazis to escape Europe after the war.

Argentina has a large German population during and after the war and still does. In some places German is spoken rather than Spanish and some of the towns are very German in their construction and not Spanish at all.

This book was very enlightening to say the least and some of the information contained in it I’ve heard before including Spain’s Franco and the Vatican helping Hitler and several other Nazis escape after the war. However, I did not realize the depth of their involvement until now. Yet, I can’t help but wonder why the Nazi hunters didn’t hunt Hitler down and bring him to justice after the war. Of course he was secured away in a highly guarded compound in Patagonia but why was the Argentine government of Juan Domingo Peron not pressured to turn him over to the Allies for trial? It seems that Hitler went about freely and everyone knew he was there yet there was no effort to capture or kill him. Had some sort of deal been made with the Allies at the end of the war? That is a good possibility. Was part of that deal the turning over of all top Nazi scientists to the Allies under Operation Paperclip which brought not hundreds but THOUSANDS of Nazi scientists and industrialists into the US after the war? And was part of the deal a payoff in the form of Nazi loot as well?

Most likely we will never know the truth about what happened to Hitler after the Soviets took Berlin in 1945. For decades the Soviets claimed to have part of Hitler’s skull with a bullet wound in it. However, the History Channel got to look at and take DNA from that skull in the Russian Archives not long ago and it was termed beyond doubt that it did not belong to Adolf Hitler. In fact it was the skull of a woman and it wasn’t Eva Braun either. The Soviet Shock Troops wanted to impress Stalin but Stalin didn’t buy it as he never believed Hitler was dead. In fact, he once told US President Franklin D Roosevelt that Hitler had escaped to South America.

Hitler led a quiet and secluded life once in exile in Argentina and he planned for a 4th Reich “of the South.” But that never materialized. Hitler was addicted to some powerful drugs thanks to his doctors and it is reported that he suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and lost his mind in the 1950s. Gradually, his comrades abandoned him and his plans for a 4th Reich of the South including Martin Borman. According to the book Hitler died in Argentina in February of 1961 and the death of Braun is unknown although it says she left him in the 1950s apparently tired of his insane rants and of taking care of him. The book says the couple had two daughters while in exile in Argentina.

The Western Allies needed for Hitler to be dead and most likely the suicide in the bunker story was a smokescreen. People were tired of the war and it was costing a bundle both for Europe and the US. Perhaps a deal was arranged to allow the madman to live out his life in seclusion in the Patagonia region of Argentina where his comrade Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron would protect him and keep him quiet at the same time. Winston Churchill once said that history would paint him in a positive light as he (Churchill) intended to write that history. As we all know history is written by the victors and in this case Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were the victors.

I think people around Hitler in Argentina (yes I believe he got away) gradually became disillusioned by him and perhaps figured out that the man was crazy in the head. They gradually abandoned him and his desire for a 4th Reich perhaps seeing the insanity in such grand plans and seeing those plans as not worth it. World War 2 cost a lot to the world not only in terms of money but in terms of human lives.

It is said at the end of the book that Hitler would spend hours gazing out into space unaware of anyone coming near him. It is also said he began to experienced nightmares of thousands of corpses laying on battlefields and bodies of millions of Jews killed by his henchmen in the death camps. Perhaps judgment for Hitler began in the last years of his life instead of after he died. It appears that judgment was horrible and I can only imagine what he got in the next life.

The Allies came very close to losing the war. Had it gone on for even a couple of more months the Nazis might have won as they were very close to deploying their experimental super weapons which the Allies had no match for. Interesting how fragile history can be. How one small thing can change it. I think governments should come clean and tell the world what they know as to the real fate of Hitler. The war is long over and people have a right to know for truth and history sake.



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