Obama Cans Two Top Officials in One Day!

Obama looks upset and Carney looks pissed off!

Obama looks upset and Carney looks pissed off!

President Obama seems to be on a roll especially today.  This morning after meeting with the Veteran Affairs Secretary he announced the Secretary’s resignation.  Then later in the day as WH Press Secretary Jay Carney began his daily briefing with reporters Obama showed up and abruptly announced Carey’s resignation effective mid-June.  Of course the VA Secretary’s resignation came as no surprise as he’s been under increasing pressure to resign as major scandal has been brewing within the VA concerning a gross lack of healthcare for America’s vets.  But the resignation of Carney was a surprise to most including most WH reporters.  If you look at the pictures of Carney as he sits quietly listening to the POTUS and if you look at Obama’s face somehow the expressions do not match the fine words.  As Obama enters the Press Room he looks disturbed to say the least.  As he announces Carney’s resignation Carney appears frustrated and possibly on the verge of breaking down with tears.  So what is going on here?

Some have suggested that Carney is tired of “lying for” and/or “covering for” an incompetent POTUS.  Others have suggested that Carney has long been thinking about tendering his resignation.  His temporary replacement will be going with Obama to Europe instead of Carney btw.  Whatever the case just from the photos of both Carney and Obama something appears not right.  Both appear frustrated.  Perhaps Carney grew tired of covering for Obama and has simply had enough.

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Carney looks angry and on the verge of tears.

Carney looks angry and on the verge of tears.





Obama Outlines Plan for US Troop Withdraw in Afghanistan by 2016


us-troops_afghanistanPresident Barack Obama says he’s decided on a plan for the withdraw of US forces from Afghanistan.  Reportedly he will try to keep about 9800 US troops in that country after this year in which the war is formally due to end.  He then plans to withdraw those remaining troops by the end of his last year in office in 2016. His decision is largely in line with what the top brass in the US military desire.  This 2 year plan is contingent on Afghanistan signing a security agreement with the US.  Thus far Afghan President Karazi has refused to sign such an agreement wanting all US forces out by the end of this year, 2014.  However, there is an election coming in Afghanistan and Obama officials are confident that whoever replaces Karazi will sign the agreement.
Currently, there are about 32,000 US troops in Afghanistan.  The POTUS wants that number reduced to 9800 by the end of this year.  Over the course of 2015 there would be further troop reductions and by 2016 there would only be about 1000 troops left there. They would be used to staff a security office in Kabul, the capital.
All fine and well, however, why in the hell aren’t we out of that pig sty yet?  Sorry but that is what it has become.  US troops continue to die needlessly.  Karazi is corrupt beyond belief and has his paws heavy in the opium trade in his country as did his brother who is now dead.  Further, he wants the US out and the Taliban are just itching to come back and take over the country again.  And they have support in the country for just that!  Hey some people want to live under tyranny so let the Taliban have it!  Afghanistan like Iraq is a FAILED US EXPERIMENT OF IMPERIALISM!!
What Obama needs to do is live up to his promise, if you recall, to have all US forces OUT of Afghanistan by the end of this year.  Prolonging the US withdraw is only going to mean the needless loss of more lives.  And I think we all pretty much know now that once the US is out Afghanistan is going to sink into anarchy just like Iraq has.  So why prolong it any longer?  Are we there protecting the opium fields as many have suggested?  Is some big hombre in DC making a mega-profit off the sale of Afghan opium?  FACT is bin Laden is dead and we didn’t even find him in Afghanistan.  We found him in that other turncoat “friend” called PAKISTAN!  So he’s dead and so why are we still in Afghanistan?  It’s PAST time to GET OUT!  Obama needs to cowboy up and “do the right thing”…..for once.
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New Data Released on Missing Malaysian Plane—-shows nothing!


Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Although it has now mostly been forgotten in the MSM which seems to have a real problem staying focused on REAL issues the saga involving the Malaysian plane’s mysterious disappearance continues.  Believe it or not it has now been about 3 months since the plane with its 239 passengers just disappeared into thin air, literally.  No wreckage has ever been found whatsoever despite a massive search by dozens of nations including Australia and the US with advance location and search technology.  Still today the Malaysian government is under pressure from the families of the missing passengers to come clean and be more transparent.  Sadly, that government seems to be rather slow in releasing information and one cannot help but wonder why.

In the latest move by the Malaysian government they’ve now released satellite data amounting to about 45 pages.  But the passengers families remain outraged and at least one satellite engineer says the data fails to included necessary assumptions, algorithms, and metadata.  Others say the newly released info show nothing at all as to what the fate of the plane was or might have been.
The Malaysian government claims the plane crashed into the ocean after running out of gas.  Problem is the plane was way off course as it was supposed to be flying to Beijing, China from Malaysia but they say the plane crashed in the waters southwest of Australia which is the complete opposite direction it was supposed to be flying.  In fact if that story/assumption is true the plane was clearly headed to…of all places…Antarctica!  Why would the plane be headed there?  That’s the million pesos question mi amigos.
I suspect this plane may have been shot down either accidentally or on purpose.  In fact, the Malaysian military might have shot it down by accident and they are now trying to cover it up.  OR it may have encountered some weird phenomena in the sky OR the plane was taken over by some crazed nut sack terrorist with some nut sack agenda.  Of course I have no proof but fact is I have as much proof as the Malaysian government does in claiming it ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean.  NONE!
Whatever happened to this plane now apparently will remain a mystery for a long time to come.  Sadly, some of the families hope/think their loved ones may still be alive somewhere….somehow.  I think that possibility to now be very remote, however.  The Malaysian government needs to come clean and just tell what it knows and what happened even if the aircraft was shot down by mistake.  If they are trying to cover something up the situation is only going to get worse.  If they think it’s all going to just go away they’d be very wrong.  The families and not only mourning but are now enraged and they aren’t going to let this story die.  And neither are we here at SDNP!
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Forced into a supranational straitjacket, European voters have rebelled

A widespread surge in the return to nationalism is spreading across Europe including Espana. I do not see the EU lasting much longer. It is now a failed experiment.

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Forced into a supranational straitjacket, European voters have rebelled

With barely half the continent now in favour of union, EU leaders can no longer ignore the writing on the wall

Yesterday’s European vote was not an election, it was a referendum. Britain’s Ukip will in time slide from the stage, as will France’s National Front. The vote does not upheave party politics: it was the emphatic assertion of Euro-scepticism, the moment when a critical mass of Europe’s voters withdrew their consent from ever greater union.

Voters long accustomed to trust their ruling elites on Europe do so no longer. So-called mainstream parties may still dominate the EU parliament, but the writing is on the wall. The various referendums (and opinion polls) that initially rejected the Lisbon treaty were not flashes in the pan. Unless Europe’s leaders mean further to enrage rightwing – and leftwing – nationalism, they must somehow reverse the ratchet of EU harmonisation and return power to…

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Health ALERT: POISON in a Diet Soda Can!

diet sodaI’ve long suspected that artificial sweeteners like those found in so called “diet soda” are POISON and now it’s been confirmed beyond doubt by a major study on women’s health and human health in general.  Further, I’ve often wondered why people who order Big Macs with a diet soda gain weight and now I know why.  The diet soda does NOTHING for you!  Oh wait…yes it does do something for you according to these studies.  It increases your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer……must I go on mi amigos y amigas?  This CRAP is DANGEROUS and DEADLY and it should be made ILLEGAL!!  And FYI if you think regular soda is the “better option” you can forget that too.  There is NO better option when it comes to sodas and apparently the ONLY OPTION when it comes to diet drinks is DEATH, slow and painful DEATH.  Further, let us make NO MISTAKE about it.  I guarantee you the soda comings know all about these health risks and have for a long, long time.  BASTARDS!  Think I’m pissed off?  BINGO!  I’m SICK of the asshole GREEDY CORPORATIST in America and their demonic attitudes of “anything for profit”…..even if it means our very lives.  THEY DON’T CARE!

Read the two following health articles/studies.  You’re in for a SHOCK.  But for those of us who have long suspected this crap was POISON these studies just confirm what we suspected.





Dinosaurs, the Flood, and Evolution

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pterodactylA new exhibit of a 30-foot-long fossil skeleton of an Allosaurus, which resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex, is set to open at a Kentucky museum that asserts dinosaurs lived alongside humans a few thousand years ago.

A release from Answers in Genesis, the Christian ministry that owns the Creation Museum, said about 50 percent of the skeleton’s bones were recovered when it was found in Colorado over a decade ago. Keeping with its Bible-themed approach, the Creation Museum says the dinosaur died in a worldwide flood about 4,300 years ago. Scientists say the last dinosaurs roamed the earth more than 60 million years ago.

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Immigration: A Berlin Wall in Mexico?

An amigo sent me an article this morning from the DailyCaller by Education Editor Eric Owens.  It’s an opinion piece and in the article Owens wonders if Mexico should build a Berlin-like wall on the border with the US to keep it’s citizens in Mexico.  Allow me to explain before you deem such an idea “preposterous” mi amigos.

MexicoAs Owens points out back in 1961 West Berlin was an economic powerhouse while East Berlin, and the whole of East Germany in fact, was an “economic basket case,” to use Owens own words.  The appalling conditions in East Berlin and East Germany at that time were due to the suffocating yoke of Communism via the USSR.  West Berlin thrived economically.  It was a huge modern city.  In contrast, East Berlin was still widely littered with rubble and ruins caused by the Allied bombings of Berlin at the end of World War 2.  Poverty was rampant in East Berlin and there was a stark contrast between the two halves of the city.

The barrier between East and West Berlin began as a barbed wire fence with armed guards and later a concrete wall was built topped off  by oiled poles and guard towers.  East Germany built the wall as a way to keep people in.  The Soviet satellite state was losing both human and financial assets “big time” as Owens points out.  Conditions in East Berlin were so bad that many East Germans took the chance of trying to scale the wall so they could get into West Berlin and have better lives.  Many of those who attempted to scale the wall were killed by the armed East German guards.  Some made it and they never looked back because there was no hope in East Berlin for them.  Many of the East Berliners who made it into West Berlin worked hard in their new lives and valued their freedom, prosperity, and hope.   Continue reading