3 comments on “Some US-Hispanic Statistics to Ponder

  1. Puerto Ricans are United States citizens at birth. The migration started in 1957. One of my friends in high school, his grandfather was the revolutionary Roberto Campos, and I say his ideas remain the best, in many areas, and serve as a starting point for younger people to notice and work from that point. In America, the goal was to keep the Puerto Ricans on welfare, impoverished, uneducated, drunk, addicted, strung out, in prisons, so they could never be any “threat” not to blue collar people, but to Wall Street people. Today in New York City, over 66% of Puerto Ricans own their own small businesses and employ people. The average Puerto Rican has a Associate Degree. Puerto Ricans comprise a large portion of the US Military in all branches and police and fire departments have large numbers of personnel that are Puerto Rican. The Puerto Rican will overthrow nothing. They will work and over time acquire what opposes them, and then make changes from the inside, and getting to the top, from the bottom and earning their place. Don’t sell Hispanics short. Hispanics will not settle for the wounded victim routine. Think about it.
    As far as citizenry being amnesty is concerned, I remain constant that Mexico, must, be annexed as a territory of the United States, and then everything, will, work perfectly. Not some sinful amnesty, lift your head, you are a citizen from prudent cooperation of governments by the will of all the people involved. Government at the moment opposes annexation because there is profit in conflict.

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