HGTV caves in attack on Christian Americans!

Two brothers who are Christians were due to have a new television show on HGTV, however, the day after that announcement came HGTV abruptly cancelled the new show.  The Benham brothers response?  They say “If our faith costs us a TV show, then so be it.”

The day after HGTV announced that they would carry a new reality show called “Flip it Forward” starring David and Jason Benham the network announced it had decided not to sign the show after People for the American Way got ahuold of network executives.  PAW told the network that the Benham brothers had led a prayer rally outside the Democratic National Convention in 2012 which is obviously a great sin to PAW.  Further, they said that David had told a conservative talk show host that America’s Christian majority must repent for tolerating homosexuality and its agenda and for demonic ideologies taking America’s universities and public school system over.  Further, PAW also told NGTV execs that the brothers David had led protests outside of abortion clinics.   Of course all of these are great sins to PAW and people who do not believe in God but who happen to think that humankind just got really lucky and came up from the muck one hundred zillion zillion years ago.  Funny that the human race hasn’t been that lucky ever again.

What this is is just the latest attack on Christianity pure and simple!  MOST Americans aren’t buying the liberal line as as economic times continue to worsen under a liberal POTUS they are buying the liberal line even less.  Even though the MAJORITY of Americans ARE practicing Christians the libs seem to want us to believe that the majority of Americans are radical liberal atheists.  And just to make sure that we all believe the social LIE anything and everything Christian is “bad…very bad.”  Now you might think that this is all about Christians and you couldn’t be more wrong.  Muslims in American aren’t buying the liberal line either.  Jews in America aren’t buying it at all too.  Although Christians have obviously been singled out in this case the broader attack is on religion at large.  ANY religion!

The plain and simple FACT is that the picture being painted by the radical left in this country is a LIE and always has been.  They ignore the FACTS and seek to intentionally replace them with half -truths and outright lies.  And this has always been the M.O. of the radical leftists throughout human history.  Distort the facts, paint a lie, repeat the lie enough times, and people will come to believe the lie as fact even though it is NOT.  That’s the strategy of these people on the radical left.

I never watch NGTV anyway but if I did I’d stop watching it now and I think that is what every religious viewer of any religion should now do.  NGTV caved to the liberal MINORITY in this country and spurned the religious MAJORITY.  But haven’t we seen that pattern repeated over and over?  The liberal left is a MINORITY and the ONLY reason they get what they want is because they shout and it’s about time Christians, Muslims, and Jews in this country start SHOUTING LOUDLY!  Enough of catering to the minority political end!  What about the MAJORITY?

You can read more about the Benham brothers and HGTV at the below link.  Suffice it to say for now that religious Americans of ALL RELIGIONS need to start standing up and shouting back at the liberal godless left.  When do we start?  Enough of the nice guy routine already!




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