Feds Release Thousands of Illegals with Criminal Convictions onto American Streets!

criminal1If you didn’t know the current administration is very close to being a criminal operation then you should know it now.  The US government has released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, and sex crime convicts and additionally more than 36K criminals awaiting deportation have also been released.  The question is WHAT IN THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?

A report in The Washington Times says that US immigration authorities “knowingly released dozens of  murders and thousands of drunk drivers back into the US in 2013.”  And these figures are from the Obama Administration themselves!  These statistics throw into question Obama’s claim that he is focusing on the most serious criminals in his immigration enforcement policies.  One wonders just what this president considers to be a “serious criminal” if it isn’t a murderer or sex criminal.

ICE released 36k illegal immigrants last year and of those 116 had murder convictions.  Another 43 had been convicted of negligent manslaughter and another 14 had been convicted of voluntary manslaughter.  Among these at least one illegal immigrant was classified by ICE as a “homicide willful kill–public official—gun.”  WTH?  And this man was released into the US by ICE!  Obviously, this last amigo was convicted of killing a public official somewhere with a gun so that makes him an assassin.

According to the Washington Times report ICE had been trying to deport these people from the US and they were in deportation proceedings.  They could have held these people in jail but instead they released them onto the streets of America!  This according tot he Center for Immigration Studies who published the statistics this past Monday based on those from the Obama Administration itself.  

Of course had this mass release of DANGEROUS CRIMINALS onto the streets of American not been sanctioned by the POTUS then it would be the largest and most dangerous prison break in the entirety of US history.  But it was all nicelt sanctioned by the Obama Administration via ICE.  Texas Republican Representative Lamar Smith says that the Obama administration’s actions are “outrageous.”  He went on to say, “They willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people.”  O Si Smith and that’s an understatement.

The Obama administration has been claiming that enforcement efforts are being focused on the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants but these numbers throw that claim into question as the administration apparently does NOT think convicted killers and assassins are dangerous.  So just what type of criminal does the administration consider dangerous?  Of course this double-speak is about the ONLY thing that has been consistent in the Obama administration as they tend to say one thing out of one side of their mouths while doing the opposite most often.

It’s now believed that the administration is releasing upwards of 100 illegals with criminal convictions  from US custody per day!  In response, ICE says many of those released are “subject to electronic monitoring, posting bond, or having to check in with officers.”   And that’s suppose to make us feel safe?  These people are convicted KILLERS!  What’s to stop them from killing again?  Sorry but a ankle bracelet isn’t going to stop that!

In some of the cases the courts ordered some of these people to be released and that includes a 2001 SCOTUS ruling that says immigrants whose country’s refuse to take them back can be held in the US for more than 6 months if needed.  WTH?  It appears instead of holding them we are releasing them onto the streets of America!  Further, ICE says that 75% of the convicted killers released last year were the result of mandated court decisions.  ICE says those with less serious offenses were released as a discretionary matter.

As if the 535 morons on Capital Hill can do anything, Rep Bob Goodiatte who chairs the House Judiciary Committee says the director of Homeland Security is going to have to answer for these releases.  He and Smith asked ICE to release statistics but they never did give them to Congress.  Surprised? I’m not mi amigos!  We have a DO NOTHING CONGRESS whose members are absolutely INEPT.

Just when I think I”ve seen it all from the Obama administration along comes more.  I’ve learned NOT to trust one damned word they say or promise they make period.  This administration who promised back in 2008 to be the most transparent admin in American history has turned out to be the most secretive in American history.  For this administration to release these kinds of criminals onto the streets of America is beyond outrageous!  In fact this is pretty close to treason IMO.  But it’s all part of the Communist-Fascist-Corporatist plan isn’t it mi amigos?  Of course it is.  And it’s known as the “destruction of America from within and on our streets.”  And THAT plan is going PERFECTLY!

I would say it’s time for Americans to WAKE UP but frankly compadres I’m tired of saying it and watching Americans stay asleep!  We are living in a dying and insane nation!  God help us all.

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