Thoughts on The Emerging American Police State

I’ve been thinking about what I see as the emerging police state in America.  Of course I hear and read all the talk about how we are moving from democracy to fascism and how what is being built-in America would make Hitler and Stalin envious.  Ah yes, not to mention all the tracking of Americans that is already going on as we drive our cars, talk on our cell phones, and even use our appliances or go to the grocery store.  And of course there is all that spying and snooping go on by the NSA along with moves to regulate the Internet so it is no longer a free and anonymous phenomena.  And I also hear and read about the “coming future” when every American will have a chip implanted under their skin so they can be tracked even more, etc.  Sorry but that’s where I draw the line.  I’m NOT having some computer chip put under my skin.  So, si mi amigos, I guess I won’t be able to “buy and sell.”  And, too, there is all this purchasing of astounding amounts of ammo and assault guns by various government agencies such as the USDA and US Post Office.  So what?  My postman is going to deliver my mail someday with an AK-47 strapped on his back?  WTF?

Throughout my thinking about this emerging police state there is one pressing question.  That is, “What are they (government) afraid of?”  In my estimation it all comes down to this.  There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the American government today is corrupt beyond belief.  In fact many elements are so corrupt that they have a better deal going than the Mafia could ever dream of.  Consider the number of public officials that have been caught engaging in illegal activities lately.  Now consider those who have not yet been caught.  That’s even more concerning.  Consider the bribes, payoffs, and “deals” all of which end up enriching the politician and screwing the American people.  And what about our civil and constitutional rights?  They are slowly and methodically being removed one by one and I often wonder where is the public outrage.

A basic tenet of sociology is that whenever a government deems the people as the enemy then you are ALREADY living under some form of dictatorship.  That’s what is happening in America today.  Increasingly, our government is considering us as enemies or potential enemies of the state.  Increasingly, we are moving from a democracy and republic towards a dictatorship of some form in this country.  Fact is we are already living in a Fascist Corporatist state in which government is used to do the bidding of the global corporations and in which the rights of the people are ignored or eliminated.  America is on a very dangerous road today.  We are marching down a road that our founders foresaw and wished to avoid.  In other words, America is quickly becoming the very thing that our founders feared!  

When a people are oppressed they eventually become tired of that oppression and revolt.  They come to a point of deciding that even death is preferable to living under such continued oppression.   This is why we see things in the world like someone standing in front of tanks in protest or setting themselves on fire in the streets as soldiers march in.  No one with a sane mind wants to live under oppression!  Obviously, those creating the emerging police state know this but I’m afraid that these people are a bit disconnected with reality.  Oh yes, right now they hold visions of dreamland in their minds as to how wonderful it will be for THEM once this police state is put fully into power.  They don’t give a second thought as to how horrible it will be for the masses of Americans once they achieve their goal, however.  And in their little psychotic fantasy they also underestimate the spirit of the American people.  That spirit that has built this republic is still there.  We just need to put it into action!  That spirit has nothing whatsoever to do with skin color, religion, or anything else because that spirit is something innate to ALL human beings.  It’s the Spirit of Survival.  That IS the AMERICAN SPIRIT.

Personally, I do not believe MOST Americans are going to take this little plan for a police state laying down.  Americans have a tendency to be silent and patient and when things come to the breaking point then they tend to take some sort of action.  That’s what I am counting on to put an abrupt end to this emerging police state anytime soon.  I’m NOT counting on some self-styled “savior” politician to save us all from ourselves.  I’m counting on the SPIRIT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  That IS what is going to save our republic IMO.  Once that starts to happen all these little morons will take their police state and quickly disappear as they know fully the ire of the American people when pushed too far I’m sure.  And if they don’t then they must be really, really stupid!

For far too long the American people have neglected their civic and constitutional duties to hold and KEEP government accountable.  That is why and how we have come to this point of being on the verge of becoming a police state.  For far too long we have been either gullible or lazy or BOTH in this country.  We’ve trusted our elected officials to have OUR best interests at heart but the fact is MOST of them don’t!  For far too long we’ve sat by watching our historical and traditional values be turned upside down and inside out.  We’ve sat and watched as right has been turned into wrong and wrong into right.  Our values and morals have been tossed asside in favor of some “political correctness” that not only flies in the face of logic but is outright ignorance.  Somehow we’ve allowed our country to cater to the needs of the few rather than the needs of the many and that just does NOT work in any democracy.  We’ve watched our politicians grow more and more corrupt and we’ve sat and watched our military be used as some sort of invasion force bent on global conquest for no apparent reason.  Meanwhile we’ve watched our sons and daughter die in this insanity of perpetual war for NO REASON other than the enrichment of the global banks and corporations!  America is QUICKLY bringing “hell on earth” to the masses of humanity period!

So now the question becomes when is enough, enough?  When to the people in this country start holding their public officials accountable and start punishing them severely for their crimes?  And that includes everyone from the local dog catcher all the way up the ladder to the El Presidente.  We The People STILL have the power to hold our public officials accountable and bring them to justice.  When do we start using that power again?  Removing those people with dreams of some Nazi police state American style from public office would QUICKLY put an end to this emerging police state!  What those people fear MOST is that the American people will WAKE UP and start doing just that.  When the American people begin to use their constitutional power the WEASELS tend to go back in hiding in the woodwork!  And frankly that is exactly where these weasels belong IMO.

Someday the American people WILL wake up.  Someday we will have had enough.  Like I said, MOST Americans are NOT going to accept the police state willingly and without opposition and protest.  That would be because MOST Americans have no desire whatsoever to live under a Nazi tyranny!  Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later.

There is still HOPE for America!  But if you are sitting there waiting for some fantastic super-leader to emerge as the savior of our nation you are going to be sorely disappointed.   Isn’t going to happen mi amigos!  Need I point to Barack Obama as an example?  So many thought he was the Second Coming but it’s now turned out that he’s NOT.  In fact, most of those who supported him back in 2008 when he was first elected now stand against him.  So much for the “messiah.”

It is the AMERICAN PEOPLE who will save this nation and put it BACK on the track forged by our founders!  No one else will or can do it!  It is that old American Spirit that will save this republic not some self-proclaimed savior who is nothing but a liar, deceiver, and con-man.  So why don’t we stop expecting such a person to emerge and why don’t We The People take up our civic duty and use it?  Enough of the pipe dreams already!  Enough of the unrealistic “hope” for “salvation.”  It’s time for Americans to get their heads out of their asses to put it bluntly!  It’s time to be RESPONSIBLE and CIVIC MINDED people again and put an abrupt stop to this emerging police state.  Either that or we ALL continue to slide down this cesspool towards tyranny!  And once we get there we are ALL going to severely regret having ignored our CIVIC DUTY as citizens.  I don’t want things to get to that point.  How about you?



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