Health ALERT: POISON in a Diet Soda Can!

diet sodaI’ve long suspected that artificial sweeteners like those found in so called “diet soda” are POISON and now it’s been confirmed beyond doubt by a major study on women’s health and human health in general.  Further, I’ve often wondered why people who order Big Macs with a diet soda gain weight and now I know why.  The diet soda does NOTHING for you!  Oh wait…yes it does do something for you according to these studies.  It increases your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer……must I go on mi amigos y amigas?  This CRAP is DANGEROUS and DEADLY and it should be made ILLEGAL!!  And FYI if you think regular soda is the “better option” you can forget that too.  There is NO better option when it comes to sodas and apparently the ONLY OPTION when it comes to diet drinks is DEATH, slow and painful DEATH.  Further, let us make NO MISTAKE about it.  I guarantee you the soda comings know all about these health risks and have for a long, long time.  BASTARDS!  Think I’m pissed off?  BINGO!  I’m SICK of the asshole GREEDY CORPORATIST in America and their demonic attitudes of “anything for profit”…..even if it means our very lives.  THEY DON’T CARE!

Read the two following health articles/studies.  You’re in for a SHOCK.  But for those of us who have long suspected this crap was POISON these studies just confirm what we suspected.




One response to “Health ALERT: POISON in a Diet Soda Can!

  1. I am happy to see that these studies have come out verifying what many of us suspected for a long time. Let us not forget that former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s company was highly instrumental in developing, marketing, and keeping aspartame on the market. Just one more proof of the Fascist Corporatist-Military-Banking–Greed Ridden Complex.

    The artificial sweeteners in diet soda and other foods/beverages has also been linked to causing neurological disorders including seizures. IMO the stuff is TOXIC and should be outlawed and Rumsfeld should go to a federal prison for crimes against humanity. Anyone who doesn’t stop drinking this stuff ASAP is either stupid or insane or both. Diet soda does NOT help you lose weight but, just the reverse, promotes obesity!

    The fascist corporatist do NOT have our best interest at heart. They have been made insane by gross and uncontrolled greed. When they say “anything for profit” they mean ANYTHING even if it means YOUR life. They have long known the true effects of the sugar substitutes yet they’ve covered it up and continued poison our bodies with their toxin. Every one of them ought to be thrown in jail for life!

    I call for a MASSIVE BOYCTT on all products containing this toxin! Let’s bankrupt these fricking bastards!!

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