Forced into a supranational straitjacket, European voters have rebelled

A widespread surge in the return to nationalism is spreading across Europe including Espana. I do not see the EU lasting much longer. It is now a failed experiment.

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Forced into a supranational straitjacket, European voters have rebelled

With barely half the continent now in favour of union, EU leaders can no longer ignore the writing on the wall

Yesterday’s European vote was not an election, it was a referendum. Britain’s Ukip will in time slide from the stage, as will France’s National Front. The vote does not upheave party politics: it was the emphatic assertion of Euro-scepticism, the moment when a critical mass of Europe’s voters withdrew their consent from ever greater union.

Voters long accustomed to trust their ruling elites on Europe do so no longer. So-called mainstream parties may still dominate the EU parliament, but the writing is on the wall. The various referendums (and opinion polls) that initially rejected the Lisbon treaty were not flashes in the pan. Unless Europe’s leaders mean further to enrage rightwing – and leftwing – nationalism, they must somehow reverse the ratchet of EU harmonisation and return power to…

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