New Data Released on Missing Malaysian Plane—-shows nothing!


Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Although it has now mostly been forgotten in the MSM which seems to have a real problem staying focused on REAL issues the saga involving the Malaysian plane’s mysterious disappearance continues.  Believe it or not it has now been about 3 months since the plane with its 239 passengers just disappeared into thin air, literally.  No wreckage has ever been found whatsoever despite a massive search by dozens of nations including Australia and the US with advance location and search technology.  Still today the Malaysian government is under pressure from the families of the missing passengers to come clean and be more transparent.  Sadly, that government seems to be rather slow in releasing information and one cannot help but wonder why.

In the latest move by the Malaysian government they’ve now released satellite data amounting to about 45 pages.  But the passengers families remain outraged and at least one satellite engineer says the data fails to included necessary assumptions, algorithms, and metadata.  Others say the newly released info show nothing at all as to what the fate of the plane was or might have been.
The Malaysian government claims the plane crashed into the ocean after running out of gas.  Problem is the plane was way off course as it was supposed to be flying to Beijing, China from Malaysia but they say the plane crashed in the waters southwest of Australia which is the complete opposite direction it was supposed to be flying.  In fact if that story/assumption is true the plane was clearly headed to…of all places…Antarctica!  Why would the plane be headed there?  That’s the million pesos question mi amigos.
I suspect this plane may have been shot down either accidentally or on purpose.  In fact, the Malaysian military might have shot it down by accident and they are now trying to cover it up.  OR it may have encountered some weird phenomena in the sky OR the plane was taken over by some crazed nut sack terrorist with some nut sack agenda.  Of course I have no proof but fact is I have as much proof as the Malaysian government does in claiming it ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean.  NONE!
Whatever happened to this plane now apparently will remain a mystery for a long time to come.  Sadly, some of the families hope/think their loved ones may still be alive somewhere….somehow.  I think that possibility to now be very remote, however.  The Malaysian government needs to come clean and just tell what it knows and what happened even if the aircraft was shot down by mistake.  If they are trying to cover something up the situation is only going to get worse.  If they think it’s all going to just go away they’d be very wrong.  The families and not only mourning but are now enraged and they aren’t going to let this story die.  And neither are we here at SDNP!
For more details on the release of the satellite data see:



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