Obama Outlines Plan for US Troop Withdraw in Afghanistan by 2016


us-troops_afghanistanPresident Barack Obama says he’s decided on a plan for the withdraw of US forces from Afghanistan.  Reportedly he will try to keep about 9800 US troops in that country after this year in which the war is formally due to end.  He then plans to withdraw those remaining troops by the end of his last year in office in 2016. His decision is largely in line with what the top brass in the US military desire.  This 2 year plan is contingent on Afghanistan signing a security agreement with the US.  Thus far Afghan President Karazi has refused to sign such an agreement wanting all US forces out by the end of this year, 2014.  However, there is an election coming in Afghanistan and Obama officials are confident that whoever replaces Karazi will sign the agreement.
Currently, there are about 32,000 US troops in Afghanistan.  The POTUS wants that number reduced to 9800 by the end of this year.  Over the course of 2015 there would be further troop reductions and by 2016 there would only be about 1000 troops left there. They would be used to staff a security office in Kabul, the capital.
All fine and well, however, why in the hell aren’t we out of that pig sty yet?  Sorry but that is what it has become.  US troops continue to die needlessly.  Karazi is corrupt beyond belief and has his paws heavy in the opium trade in his country as did his brother who is now dead.  Further, he wants the US out and the Taliban are just itching to come back and take over the country again.  And they have support in the country for just that!  Hey some people want to live under tyranny so let the Taliban have it!  Afghanistan like Iraq is a FAILED US EXPERIMENT OF IMPERIALISM!!
What Obama needs to do is live up to his promise, if you recall, to have all US forces OUT of Afghanistan by the end of this year.  Prolonging the US withdraw is only going to mean the needless loss of more lives.  And I think we all pretty much know now that once the US is out Afghanistan is going to sink into anarchy just like Iraq has.  So why prolong it any longer?  Are we there protecting the opium fields as many have suggested?  Is some big hombre in DC making a mega-profit off the sale of Afghan opium?  FACT is bin Laden is dead and we didn’t even find him in Afghanistan.  We found him in that other turncoat “friend” called PAKISTAN!  So he’s dead and so why are we still in Afghanistan?  It’s PAST time to GET OUT!  Obama needs to cowboy up and “do the right thing”…..for once.
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