ISIS Declares Islamic Caliphate!!

The ultra-terrorist groups known as ISIS or ISIL led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi yesterday declared an Islamic Caliphate and demanded that all Muslims worldwide submit themselves to the Caliph who just happens to be Baghdadi.  Surprised?  Meanwhile, as one of their first “holy” acts ISIS crucified 8 fighters from within its own ranks whom the “caliph” felt were not radical enough.  WTF?

Allow me to be very blunt.  It appears to me that ISIS has nothing at all to do with Islam except in name only and everything to do with psychotic murder!  And btw for you who don’t know murder is a SIN as is suicide in Islam and that comes straight from the Islamic Holy Book known as the Qur’an.

Now if you are surprised that things have come this far you should be.  Due to the WEAK and INDECISIVE leadership we currently have in Washington I’m sure this is only the beginning.  You see, we’ve been playing both sides of the fence when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremist groups.  The US has turn on one group while supplying the other with money and weapons.  That is a very dangerous and outright STUPID game to play but, again, don’t be surprised as the current administration in Washington is filled with amateurs who seemingly know nothing about these groups, Islam, or anything else for that matter.  President Barack Obama has purposefully and intentionally removed the US from its leadership role and placed us in the category as “just one of the boys.”  Our friends in Europe and elsewhere are beyond outright discussed by this lack of leadership and the US has now lost all credibility in dealing with these killers.  In fact, the US has now lost all credibility in dealing with anything as far as the global community is concerned and all of our allies are now scratching their heads wondering just what in the hell were Americans thinking when they put Obama in office not once but twice.

So let me explain it to our allies as to just what is wrong with America.

We have a DRUG PROBLEM in this country as evidenced by the FACT that the USA is the primary and cream of the crop drug buyer.  The drug cartels in Mexico and Central America know this well.  They supply the drugs and we buy and use them.  This has now gone on for decades and add this atop our lowered standards because we just want to be “one of the boyz” plus the fact that MOST of these drugs cause BRAIN DAMAGE when used over the long term and you’ve got the recipe for a FALLEN NATION AND FALLEN PEOPLE.  And THAT is exactly what America has now become!  Oh but please don’t tell us we have a drug problem that has caused our collective psychosis and ignorance in this country as we Americans just don’t like to ever face reality for ANY reason.  No…no..we love living in fantasyland where even though the sky is falling we think everything is just wonderful.  Can you pass the doobie man?????

For the US to even allow something like this murderous new radical Islamic Caliphate to come this far is beyond astounding.  These lunatics leading this thing are cold blood killers and are not religious at all.  Hell they are now executing their fellow MUSLIMS for any old reason!  Further, they have declared that any legit government in any area where they march their “army” into immediately becomes null and void.  Again WTF?  Where is the UN on all this?  Where is the global community? Oh wait I know.  They have a DRUG STUPIDITY AND LACK OF LEADERSHIP PROBLEM TOO!

The West has FALLEN!  Now recall the last time some empire fell that was on par with the US?  It was the Roman Empire and when that empire fell Europe was immediately plunged into the DARK AGES.  And what is going to happen with this REPEAT of history?  The SAME THING!  The world will enter yet another Dark Age in which the BARBARIAN THROWBACKS rule!  Just how STUPID is humanity anyhow?????

You can read the CRAP…yes I said CRAP…on this newly formed so called “caliphate” at the link below.  I would hold out hope for 2016, however, I understand that Hilarious Clinton is going to run for POTUS and the Republicans can’t find anyone to beat her.  Frankly, I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama as Hillary Clinton drives me up the wall.  Let us not forget the Benghazi Affair when she announces her run!  Yeah she handled that one great didn’t she?

Ironically, the spokesman for this new caliphate has spread the word, “Listen to your caliph and OBEY him….”  You bet!  Obey him right up to your own executions MORONS!  What a load of CRAP!  And just where is the rest of Islam on this?  And btw I’ve been wondering who in the hell has been supporting this ISIS with money, weapons, and brand new vehicles.  It just couldn’t be our old friend Saudi Arabia could it????

I hear a lot of rumors about how Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran are planning to take ISIS and their new caliph out.  When?  Where is it?  How long does it take?  How many INNOCENT MUSLIMS must die at this LUNATIC CALIPHS hands before these nations act against him and his wolf pack with rabies????

Oh and btw ISIS also announced it would now be changing its name from ISIS to “the Islamic State.”    Welcome BACK to the 13th Century Western World!

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PS—Just when is the US going to start putting REAL LEADERS in public office instead of all the amateur wannabes we have been putting in????



Arizona Superintendent Posts RACISTS Comments!!

Phoenix–Arizona’s School Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal broke down in tears today at the end of a press conference.  That was after he apologized for posting anonymous blog comments that ridiculed welfare recipients and others.

Huppenthal said the his anonymous posts were “hurtful” comments and he said his anonymous posts did not reflect what he feels in his heart about minorities or poor people on public assistance.  Really?  Then if that wasn’t how he felt in his heart why did he post the posts???

Huppenthal is a Republican and also apologized for blog posts he posted last week calling welfare recipients/poor people, and I quote, “lazy pigs.”  Further, in those posts he said Planned Parenthood is the cause of abortions among African-Americans!

And now comes news that new posts by Huppenthal have been uncovered which are just as prejudice and racist.  In one he said there should be no Spanish Language Media Outlets and in another he said English should be the ONLY language used in the US.

So after posting these little tidbits today at the end of a press conference he breaks down in tears and tells reporters that his anonymous posts really don’t reflect what is in his heart.  And how are we suppose to take that?  That he’s truly sorry?  Or he has more HATE AND RACISM raging inside his heart that hasn’t come out yet?  I think the ONLY reason he broke down in tears at the end of the press conference is because the ONLY thing he’s sorry about is that he GOT CAUGHT!

If the posts don’t reflect what is in his heart then why was he posting such racist, hate filled, prejudice, judgmental posts and doing so anonymously?  Sorry but I don’t believe him at all.  He got caught and that is the ONLY sorrow he now has.  He’s proven by his posts that he is a RACIST!  And how many more in the upper halls of Arizona’s state government are of the same opinion as Huppenthal?   As for he desire there be no Spanish language media?  He can STICK IT!


Allowing this man to remain in office as the State’s education head is an injustice to the People of Arizona!  We don’t need people like this serving as PUBLIC SERVANTS period!

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Mass Immigration Continues: Mass graves uncovered in Texas!

If you think the crisis developing on the US-Mexico border is going away anytime soon you could not be more wrong.  The throngs of illegal immigrants coming from Central America and Mexico are growing.  This isn’t like watching people cross the border.  It’s like watching a mass exodus of REFUGEES trying to flee horrible and inhumane conditions in their native lands.  Where do I even being?

El Bestia!  The Beast; aka the Death Trains

El Bestia! The Beast; aka the Death Trains

Word of mouth has now spread widely in Central America especially that if you can just get your children to the US border the US Government and President Obama will give them automatic amnesty!  True of not it no longer matters as many parents in Central America believe it.  And to make matters worse the human smugglers are telling Central Americans that this is all true.  Of course, it is not true at all and the smugglers are just trying to make a fast Pecos or two.  Even the White House has now admitted that these rumors are floating throughout Latin America causing the mass exodus.  Hey I know mi amigos….they are a day late and buck short which is typical for the Obama WH.

Thousands of illegals are now amassed in stash houses in the US as Vice President Joe Biden is not helping the situation.  He hinted that some of these people might get amnesty!  Apparently Joe Biden does not understand the crisis at all but what’s new?  This comes after his trip to Central America last week in which he told the countries there the US is giving them millions to resolve some of the problems in their countries.  Rest assured there will be NO REFORMS in those countries.  What is needed is ABRUPT REGIME CHANGE!

As if this is not enough the drug cartels are now using these throngs of immigrants as cover for their criminal operations according to the Drudge Report this morning.  And the Catholic Church in Mexico has spoken out against the inhumane conditions these people face as they make the long journey from Central America across Mexico to the US border.  The Catholic Bishops also noted the mass deaths and graves along the way of El Bestia.  El Bestia (The Beast) is the name given to the freight trains that these people ride on top of, underneath, and on the sides of from Central America into Mexico.  This ride is extremely dangerous and untold numbers of people are killed DAILY by falling off these trains, gettting smashed, or in some cases tossed off the roofs of the boxcars on purpose by their compadres.  Yes it’s called “murder.” Continue reading

Radical Islam is NOT Islam

Commentary by Imam Muhammad Abbas Saladin el Asari

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful:

The terrorist group now conducting conquest in Iraq has seized some border stations between Iraq and Syria in a misguided effort to eventually create some form of reborn Islamic Caliphate from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran.  And I assume the leader of that hoped for Caliphate will be the head of the terror group?  Along the way of their conquest ISIS or ISIL, pick whichever initials you like, has shown to the whole world their true colors ESPECIALLY when it comes to Islam or, at least THEIR form of Islam, which leaves much to be desired, frankly.

The ISIS has destroyed philosopher’s tombs and cultural icons along their route proving to the world that these barbarian throwbacks have no regard whatsoever for history or for any of the great achievements made by REAL MUSLIMS in the past.  Let us keep in mind that ISIS is a group of SUNNI Muslims which is the same branch of Islam that rules ruthlessly in that God forsaken kingdom called Saudi Arabia.

When the ISIS took over large swaths of Iraq recently and seized the city of Mosul the radical group purposefully destroyed several tombs and statues in the city.  They destroyed a statue of Othman al Mousuli who was a noted and prestigious MUSLIM musician and composer in the 19th century.  They also desecrated and then destroyed a statue of Abu Tammam who was a MUSLIM Abbasid era Arab Poet of noted fame.  Thus, they have shown the world and all REAL MUSLIMS that their radicalism is NOT in accordance with anything remotely near REAL ISLAM.  Additionally, along the way they have been murdering MUSLIMS including those who are converts after they have embraced the faith!!  THAT IS A SIN 100% says the HOLY QURAN!  That one act alone PROVES beyond ANY doubt that ISIS is a DEMONIC political organization controlled by some madman using the guise of TRUE ISLAM and committing SIN ATOP SIN all the way.  How can the world possibly even consider the members of ISIS to be “real Muslims”?  FACT is they are NOT and they are proving they are not over and over again.

ISIS also destroyed and desecrated the tomb of Iban al Athir who was a MUSLIM Arab philosopher who had traveled with the army of the famous and HONORABLE SULTAN SALAHUDDIN (Saladin).  Sultan Saladin fought against the Christian Crusaders and he was esteemed even by his enemies for his courage and honorable behavior.  In fact, his own example as a TRUE MUSLIM motivated many non-Muslim of the time to embrace Islam and submit themselves to Allah.  And THAT is exactly what ALL MUSLIMS are SUPPOSED to be doing instead of running all about raping, pillaging, and killing.  ISIS is a complete INSULT to the honor and memory of Salahuddin the Great! Continue reading

Mexico: Catholic Church Attacks Reforms of Pena Nieto!!

Pope and Pena NietoCiudad de Mexico—In a rare move the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico has inserted itself into Mexican politics by waging an attack on proposed reforms by Mexican El Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto and his party.  The president’s flagship project is a series of reforms he wants to institute in Mexico and Mexico’s primary opposition even supports the reforms.  However, the recent criticism of the Church has come as a surprise to many leaders in Mexico as the Church has traditionally had a cordial relationship with the past few Mexican administrations.

This all began this past April when the Episcopal Conference issued a sharp message to Pena Nieto and his party and supporters of the reforms.  One by one the Bishops questioned the proposed reforms in their message.  The reforms target education, taxation, politics, and the telecommunications and energy industries in Mexico.  The bishops said in their written message, “We ask ourselves, how will they (these proposed reforms) be beneficial especially for those who have always been unfortunate?”.  The message went further stating, “Or, are they (these reforms) going to be a new opportunity for those who are used to pillaging the resources of this country?”  Following the message Church officials in Mexico issued some other well directed comments at el presidente and his proposed reforms in yet further attacks on the proposed reforms. Continue reading

Pope Excommunicates Mafia!!

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Although he hasn’t been in the Papacy long he is admired for his simplicity, progressiveness, and meekness.  Of course we are talking about Pope Francis the meek looking Cardinal from Argentina who replaced Pope Benedict not long ago.  He’s already turned the Curia upside down and he’s called on church leaders to pursue a policy of helping the poor and being simple priests.  No more pomp and grandeur under this pope’s reign!  Meek….mild……yes…..and today we discovered not only is that true about this Pope but this Pope also has something than many men lack.  It’s called GUTS and COURAGE!

Pope Francis journeyed to the heart of Italy’s largest crime syndicate in the Calabria region of southern Italy.  In Cassano All’Jonio he visited the father of a 3 year old boy who was killed in the region’s ongoing drug war and there he declared that all mobsters are AUTOMATICALLY EXCOMMUNICATED FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

While there the Pope comforted the imprisoned father of Nicola Campolongo in the courtyard of a prison in the town of Castrovillari.  Last January the boy was shot dead along with one of his grandfathers and his grandfather’s girlfriends in an attack that has been blamed on the drug wars.  The killers torched the car all three were riding in.  The boys parents were already in jail at the time charged with trafficking drugs.  Pope Francis today expressed his horror over the affair not long after the killings took place and then promised to visit the town which he did today.

Francis embraced the boy’s father who asked the Pope to pray for the boy’s mother.  Today the boy’s mother is no longer in prison but is under house arrest.  The pope also met with two grandmothers of the slain boy.

Calabria is the base of the ndrangheta which is a GLOBAL drug cartel.  They get money from running illegal drugs and extorting businesses.  They also have been known to infiltrate public works contracts in the underdeveloped Calabria region and elsewhere.

While in the town the Pope held an outdoor Mass and that is when he denounced and excommunicated the Mafia, ndrangheta.  He said in his homily, that the cartels has an “adoration of EVIL and contempt for the common good.”  He went on to state, “Those who go down the evil path, as the Mafiosi do, are NOT in communion with God.  THEY ARE EXCOMMUNICATED!”.  Staying in style with his simplicity policy the Pope asks doctors to remove a splinter from his finger while visiting a  Hospice in the town.  The doctors complied with the Pope’s request.

So members of the Mafia go to church on Sunday’s and pretend to be holier than thou and the rest of week they are busy killing, extorting, and running drugs across the planet.  Looks like this Pope is on to them and is NOT afraid of them at all.  He just excommunicated ALL of them and condemned them to Eternal HELL.

Good show Pope!  Keep up the EXCELLENT work and maybe, just maybe, we can straighten this LOST WORLD out one fine day.  🙂


Felipe VI Crowned King of Spain

Madrid—Felipe Vi was crowned the new King of Spain yesterday in the Spanish Parliament.  The ceremony was low keyed with Felipe wearing a simple military uniform and his wife, Queen Letizia wearing a simple white dress and coat.  The Spanish Crown sat atop a pedestal along with the scepter.  The king did not wear the crown as no Spanish monarch has worn it since the days of the Catholic monarchs.  Instead there was a solemn proclamation and an oath taken by the new king.  Once the oath was taken Speaker of the Congress Jesus Posadas proclaimed Felipe VI as the new King of Espana.

Felipe VI

King Felipe VI said in his coronation speech that his reign will be a “renewed monarchy for new times.”  He spoke about unity but also about plurality in recognition of separatist sentiments in the regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country.  The king also underscored the importance of the Constitution and said his will be “the reign of a constitutional king is now getting underway.”  He expressed his desire to be a symbol of national unity adding, “The parliamentary monarchy can and must continue to provide a fundamental service.”  The new king also told his audience, “The Crown must constantly earn citizens’ appreciation, respect, and trust.”  Felipe also acknowledged Spain’s economic crisis and a growing widespread public dissatisfaction with politicians.  “Today, more than ever, citizens are rightly demanding that public officials lead by example, ” he said.  He called for a renewed spirit of governance based on the best interest of Spaniards and added, “today I would like for us to look forward to the future.”  King Felipe VI ended his speech with the words of Don Quixote saying, “A man is not worth more than another man if he does not do more than him.”  He expressed that he wishes Spaniards to be pleased with his day to day work.

King Felipe VI of Spain

King Felipe VI of Spain

The ceremony was simple which is just the way Felipe and his wife wanted it and live.  The couple are well known for their simple middle class style and tastes and they both tend to shun all of the pomp and glamour typically associated with monarchs.  Outside of a very large motorcade to the Parliament complete with limos, police, and horse mounted guards all else was simple.  Following the ceremony the Royal Family greeted crowds from the balcony of the royal palace in Madrid.

Today on his first day on the job as Spain’s new king, Felipe VI held his first official meeting with Spain’s embattled Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy for about an hour.  Following that the King met with the cabinet in the La Zarzuela Palace.  His first official trip abroad will be with Pope Francis at the Vatican.  The new king and queen will then travel to Morocco, France, and Portugal.  Felipe is also scheduled to speak at the UN this September to defend Spain’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council next year.  While he was Crown Prince he visited every Latin American country except Cuba and the new king is expected to form close ties between Spain and Latin America including Mexico.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain



Monarchs tend to become stale after a few decades for Felipe is a welcomed breathe of fresh air.  He and his wife’s simple middle class lifestyle is appealing to many Spaniards because they believe the royal couple are more in touch with the common people.  Felipe is going to be a working king I suspect and I think he will strive his best to stay in touch with the common people.  That will be a good thing for Spain.  We will keep our eyes on him and Queen Letizia.

Viva la Rey!


Outgoing Monarchs King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia kiss on the Royal Balcony.

Outgoing Monarchs King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia kiss on the Royal Balcony.












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