Update on Spanish Royals

Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos of Spain

Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos of Spain

Ole mi Amigos!!  Outgoing Spanish King Juan Carlos recently attended a bullfight and received a roaring standing ovation from spectators on his final official visit to the Las Ventas ring as monarch.  For more on this go to:


Regarding the coronation of Crown Prince Felipe of Spain it will take place on June 19 according to palace officials.  The ceremony will take place inside the Congress palace in Madrid.


The Crown Prince’s coronation will NOT be the usual royal fanfare, however, as it will take place without the presence of foreign royals.  The royal palace blames this on the “lack of time.”  Further, no foreign head of state will attend either according to the palace.  Instead the ceremony will take place in front of a joint session of Spain’s Congress and El Senado (Senate) on June 19.  A royal household spokesman said there is simply no room for seating of foreign dignitaries.  Additionally, there will be no Catholic Mass after the ceremony as there was when King Juan Carlos was installed in 1975.  There will be military honors says the palace outside the Congress building.


Finally, once Felipe is crowned king little Princess Leonor will become the heir apparent. She’s presently 8 years old and once her father is enthroned she will begin preparations to one day become Spain’s Queen.



Pesonally, I think that some of the lack of grand and pomp is due to the bad economic conditions in Spain and Felipe’s middle class lifestyle.  Felipe and his wife seem not to desire all the pomp and pageantry of royalty.  I think that is a good thing and will give Spain a new breath of fresh air, badly needed.



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