El-Sisi Sworn in as Egypt’s President!

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Gen Abdel el Sisi of Egypt

Former Egyptian Defense Minister Abdael Fattah el-Sisi was sworn in as the country’s president today after having received 97% of the vote in May elections.  During a speech Sisi said, “We will solve the problems of the past and build an Egypt of the future.”

Many Egyptians expect Sisi to be a strong president and that is exactly what they want from him.  Many are tired of the recent upheavals over the past four years in Egypt’s government.  Many more are exhausted and disgusted as an astounding 40% of Egyptians live in poverty.  Egyptian voters want stability and they believe Sisi can provide that.

Sisi assured voters that his election was a “democratic, peaceful handover of power” and that it represents a “historic moment and turning point” for Egypt.  Sisi is now a retired Field Marshal.  He ousted President Mohammad Morsi last July and has led the charge to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood which Egypt has declared to be a terrorist organization.  Sisi is 59 years old and will serve a four year term.

Sisi went on to say that it is time for the Egyptian people to “obtain the fruits of their two revolutions….the time has come to build a more stable future.”  Sisi served as Defense Minister prior to being elected president.  He has a long military career specializing in military intelligence.  Ousted President Morsi named him as Defense Minister during his tenure in office.

Sisi said he wants his people to begin to enjoy a “strong, just, and secure” country and enjoy prosperity.  Turnout in the May election is reported to be 50% of voters in Egypt.  

Egypt is a nation divided and torn.  Experts have warned that if Sisi doesn’t deliver in the next year or two he himself could face being ousted and/or mass revolts.  Some Egyptian students interviewed by the BBC told reporters that Sisi must doing something big within the next 100 days to consolidate his support and power.  Sisi now faces taking on a wide array of challenges such as trying to fix the faltering Egyptian economy, easing poverty, and preventing another political crisis.

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