The Terrorist Conquest of IRAQ


A small child killed by ISIS in Syria dies in her father’s arms

Let me see if I remember correctly.  Back in 2001-2002 when POTUS George Bush Jr launched his “war on terrorism” he sent US forces to invade Iraq and oust the madman Saddam Hussein.  The idea was not to just weed out terrorists in that country but also to transform Iraq into a “beacon of democracy” in the Mid East, to use his words.  Time went on and a decade later US forces were withdrawn, for the most part, and Iraq was left to stand on its own and be the beaming light of democracy for the Muslim Arab world.  But, sadly, that has NOT turned out to be the case at all.

Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city and it has now been taken over along with large swaths of the country by terrorists.  We all knew this was coming, right?  Problem is that the group that has undertaken this conquest is so crazed and so ruthless that EVEN AL QAEDA HAS DENOUNCED THEM!  That’s astounding because al Qaeda has been pretty ruthless and crazed itself.

The group launching the conquest in Iraq is known as ISIS and it’s a terror group even too extreme for al Qaeda.  In recent days ISIS has tweeted LIVE amputations, public crucifixions, and have been disavowed by almost every terror org on the planet.  Their desire is to turn Iraq into a radical ultra-conservative Islamic State that will make the regime in Iran look minor.  They are made up of extremists Sunni Islamist militants and they have become one of the deadliest and most prolific terror groups in the entire Mid East.  This past Tuesday they launched an assault in Mosul on several government installations and the city fell right into their evil hands rather quickly.  The attacks were so brutal that Iraqi soldiers abandoned their posts and uniforms en masse.  But we’ve seen that before as they did the same during Operation Desert Storm and in the Bush Jr take over of Iraq.  Now hundreds of thousands of people are trying to leave Mosul even though ISIS now has its aim on Baghdad itself.

ISIS used to be just another group that was a part of al Qaeda.  They occupied insecure regions in Syria and Iraq but now they’ve quickly become a powerful and formidable force.  They now hold MAJOR territory, resources, and funds.

Al Qaeda is composed of numerous radical terror orgs with their own command structure but the all answer to the core leadership that rests in the hands of Ayman al Zawahri.  ISIS was formed just over a year ago in April of 2013.  They do not recognize the leadership of Zawahri, reportedly. They were in Syria and were ordered last year to leave by the leadership of al Qaeda but they rejected the order.  So they broke with al Qaeda and this past January they made that official.  They quickly accumulated power and their rapid rise to power was due mostly to their recruiting of thousands of young militants who had flocked into Syria.  They established themselves as THE group fighting the Syrian government and they began seizing territory.  In those areas they came to control they carried out numerous atrocities and human rights violations.  They imposed Sharia, Islamic law, and began to share evidence of their horrors via social media sites on the Internet for all the world to see.

ISIS is believed to have thousands of militant fighters and now it appears they’ve set their aim on the conquest of Iraq with hopes of putting an end to any “beacon of democracy” there and, thus, smacking the US right across the face.  The already control Fallujah which once was the site of a major battle where many American solders lost their lives.  The Iraq government attempted to take the city back but ISIS is still pretty much in control there as well. Now they’ve taken Mosul in a mass assault and refugees are fleeing by the thousands.  I guess they DON’T want to live under Sharia?  FACT is MOST Muslims do NOT.

ISIS forces are now pressing their way towards Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.  They’ve already taken over and closed Iraq’s largest oil refinery near Baji.  The Iraqi government seems unable to stop them and the future of Iraq now lays in question.

Terror, death, ruin, destruction, atrocity followed by even more atrocity.  Senseless death and senseless objectives stemming from some psychotic religious-political ideology greatly gone askew.  This is terrorism in which human life is not even valued at all by the smallest measure.  Everyone and everything is a target for there is no rhyme nor reason to this monster made of pure EVIL!

Syria….Iraq….who’s next?  And despite what President Obama has said it appears to me that the war on terror is far, far from being over.

I’ve long said that Bush Jr made a very big strategic mistake by invading Iraq after 9/11.  He succeeded in ousting that RAT Saddam Hussein from power but at what cost?  Sometimes it is better to pick the less of two evil and in this case Saddam was the lesser of the two evils when compared to the madmen known as ISIS.

Now keep in mind that the mission of ISIS is to turn Iraq into a militant Islamic RELIGIOUS state.  So what’s with all the executions, kidnappings, and rapes going on in Mosul since they took over?  Doesn’t sound very ultra-religious to me!



It might be noted that ISIS is under the leadership of a man named Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.  He’s become the rising star for radical Islam rather quickly.  And according to some sources he’s also becoming the rising star for GLOBAL JIHAD.  The US government is offering a $40 million reward for info leading to his capture but very little is known about this man who has mostly shunned the global spotlight.  He certainly seems to be somewhat of a military strategist with some intelligence and he’s now proved himself to be rather ruthless when it comes to eliminating his opponents.  Further, he seems to have no problem turning on former allies like a dog with rabies to further his own ambitions towards creating a radical Islamic State in the region.

It appears not even those who share some of the same ideology with ISIS are safe from al Baghdadi.  He fights against them and defeats them, captures their fighters, and decapitated or shots them dead, no questions asked.  And their deaths are recorded in twisted and grisly videos which are then put on social media sites in an effort to inspire fear and revulsion.  And there we have it.  The END GOAL OF TERRORISM.  To spread FEAR and to fan the sickness of REVULSION.  And in that department al Baghdadi does an exceptional job.

American officials say Sheikh Baghdadi was born in Samarra, Iraq in 1971 and he’s no idiot.  They say he holds a doctorate degree in Islamic Studies from Baghdad University and spent years fighting with al Qaeda prior to becoming the leader of ISIS in 2010.  He is not only a terror leader but a WARLORD in every sense of the word in my estimation.  But there is something MORE to this man….

Baghdadi was the only one who never pledged allegiance to Zawahri after Osama bin Laden was killed by US Seals in Pakistan 3 years ago.  His supporters say that he was appointed by bin Laden himself to establish an Islamic State to revive the “glories of Islam.”

Baghdadi is increasing becoming popular and admired in Jihadi circles across the globe.  That is NOT a good sign.  He now has growing support in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  Baghdadi represents a new generation of militants working to fulfill the next stage of bin Laden’s “dream which was the erection of a radical Islamic State and global conquest.  If you think this is all about this man and his rising terror org you could not be more WRONG mi amigos…..

ISIS is open to European and American fighters as well.  And they are more than willing to train these foreign fighters and “give them a sense of purpose.”  ISIS fighters, reportedly, are trained to be fearless and MERCILESS.  Sources in Syria say ISIS fighters walk around wearing vests laced with explosives.  In some of the videos ISIS has released the executioners seems not to be native speakers of Arabic while others show non-Muslims being executed by ISIS EVEN AS THEY recite the Shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of faith.  Mercy appears to be a nonexistent word to these terrorists!  Not even the faithful are safe, apparently.  BTW most Islamic clerics say it’s forbidden to kill anyone reciting the Shahada under Sharia (Islamic Law).  But isn’t Sharia what ISIS wants?  Like I said there is no rhyme or reason to any of this.

That might be Islamic Law but ISIS operates by a simpler rule, apparently, and that rule seems to be that WHOEVER stands in their way is to be exterminated no matter what and REGARDLESS of their religion or sect EVEN MUSLIMS.  This is how insane this is.  One supporter of ISIS told reporters recently:

“If the world does not fear Baghdadi then they are FOOLS, they do not know what will hit them in the future.”

Fools?  Are we?  Fearing this man and this organization is the end goal of terrorism.  That’s why they call it “TERROR-ism.”  So are we to coware like sheep in the midst of the night as the wolves circle round about?

There is REAL EVIL in the world whether you believe it or not and judging from what I’ve seen and heard about Baghdadi and ISIS they are the face of that evil. And so as they take over Iraq what is the US response?  What is the response of the West?  How big do we let this new bogey man get?  Or have we become too comfortable and grown too weary of war to even care anymore?  And if that is the case then every American and Coalition life lost in this “war on terrorism” has been MEANINGLESS!  For they gave their lives for a people weak and undeserving!  And THAT mi amigos is even a BIGGER DISGRACE than anything this Baghdadi and his ISIS could ever do!!










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