Iraq: History Repeats Itself

Someone sent me a editorial this morning from author Whitley Strieber which is actually pretty insightful when it comes to the worsening situation now going on in Iraq.  He notes that history often repeats itself as indeed it does and in this matter he goes all the way back to the Roman Empire and the Emperor Trajan who invaded Iraq only to see things collapse as they are now for America and the West.  Like Trajan….all gains have been lost.  The Roman Army found it easy to march into Iraq just as we did but that ease was and still is deceptive.

ISIS forces loyal to Sheikh Baghdadi prepare to execute and Iraqi official.

ISIS forces loyal to Sheikh Baghdadi prepare to execute and Iraqi official.

Strieber says the situation now going on in Iraq is something he knew was coming and he says the same will happen in Afghanistan once we leave.  He says most likely the Taliban will regain power and so we must ask, “What did our soldiers die for?”.

Sheikh Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and his ARMY of terrorists are marching through Iraq with little to no resistance.   And he does have an ARMY from what I can see in the pics from the MSM.  His group ISIS is no rag-tag group of militant Muslim terrorists.  His group appears very well armed and highly mobilized.  Guess we now know where some of those missing weapons of mass destruction went from Libya.

This man and his group ISIS are a force to be reckoned with and of this there MUST be NO DOUBT!  This man is so dangerous and so evil that even al Qaeda has denounced him and if you know anything about al Qaeda then you know they’ve done some pretty evil things themselves.  But Baghdadi is even too evil for them and that fact alone is astounding.  Meanwhile, Obama and Company sit twiddling their thumbs about the whole thing!   The President is off to South Dakota today to attend a Native American ceremony and he’s left his national security advisers behind to “handle” the situation which appears to be doing nothing.  Obama has plenty of options including air strikes, drone strikes, and launching missiles from US Navy ships in the area.  The US is armed to the teeth in the region so what is the waiting about?  Baghdadi already controls two major Iraqi cities and is now marching on Baghdad itself.  Iraq soldiers are stripping off their uniforms and abandoning their posts in fear.  Baghdadi has left behind severed heads and headless bodies of Iraq police and soldiers for the whole world to see via the Internet.  He is ruthless and merciless beyond comprehension.

Iraq was to be a beacon of democracy if you remember that being said by former POTUS George H.W. Bush in 2002.  As we all now know there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s arsenal and as for the beacon of democracy that beacon seems to have NEVER shown brightly in any aspect.  FACT is Iraq is a hornet’s nest and Afghanistan is even worse!  Meanwhile, American vets who fought in Iraq and lost body parts and buddies are scratching their heads wondering just what in the hell was all their sacrifice for.  And so are the rest of us!

Streiber concludes his editorial by saying this:  “We have wasted vast treasure on Iraq and Afghanistan.  All of that will be lost, and who knows how much more.  People who start wars should never forget the same lesson that Trajan, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, and so many, many others have forgotten and that the Bush administration clearly forgot:  War does not just have unintended consequences, it is ABOUT intended consequences.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Read Streiber’s editorial at:


And for more on this developing story see:



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