Mexican DRUG CARTEL Scouts Arrested In ARIZONA!!

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu

They sit atop hilltops and mountain tops well supplied with food, water, radios, cell phones, and plenty of guns and ammo.  They get paid for every successful drug or human smuggling operation that goes through their assigned area.  They warn the smugglers of police, border patrol, and even hiker activity in their areas.  YES they ARE watching you!  And you don’t even know they are there.  And when the cops show up?  They run through the desert or barricade themselves in caves, that is, after they put the warning out to their fellow scouts and the smugglers moving through the area.

Recall a few years back Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu telling the press that he has lookouts sitting atop hills and mountains working for the Mexican drug cartels.  Well he was absolutely right.  The Mexican drug cartels are no longer simply operating in Mexico.  They are now operating in Arizona, California, Texas, and New Mexico, and elsewhere in the US.  These guys are NOT nice guys!  They are armed to the teeth and they know what they are doing and they ARE deadly!  Hikers beware!

After a months long investigation in Pinal County the Sheriff there has arrested 8 of these Mexican drug cartel scouts.  Their names are:  Ramon Garcia, Jesus Nunez Rios, Jose Aispuro, Jose Gambino Ruiz, Sergio Ramirez Ojeda, Francisco Noriega Nunez, Jesus De LaRocha, and Miguel Ochoa St Cairos.  These men were positioned on hilltops for several days by the Mexican drug cartels and their job was to alert smugglers of police and hiker activity.  They used cell phones and digitally encrypted radios to communicate with the smugglers according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation was a joint operation by the Pinal County Sheriff, US Border Patrol, and Pinal County Attorney’s Office.  It was launched in February of this year after a Pinal County deputy conducted a routine traffic stop in a rural area near Eloy, Arizona.  He ended up arresting the driver who told the deputy he was paid $4K to pick up a van and frop off supplies to the scouts out in the desert.  That driver was Ramon Garcia age 22.  He also told the deputy that the scouts were watching him and had told him to run when they saw the deputy.  Inside Garcia’s vehicle the deputy found 600 pounds of food, two spare tires, and a dozen gas cans.  Garcia was driving a van.

Following this arrest police in Pinal County launched an investigation in an effort to apprehend some of these scouts working inside the US for the Mexican drug cartels.  US Border agents on March 7 landed a helicopter in an area used by these scouts as 3 scouts took off running and trying to hide in a nearby cave.  They were captured. Police arrested more scouts since then.   Charges range from conspiracy to smuggle marijuana to aiding a criminal syndicate.  Ironically, most of those arrested have admitted to authorities that they had  been on the hilltops for days and were being paid for each group or drug shipment that passed through their area safely by the Mexican drug cartels.

Wake up America!  The Mexican drug cartels are now fully operating inside US territory!  And the US-Mexico border is “more secure today than ever before”?  LOL you bet……NOT!

For more on this story and pics of those arrested see




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