Immigration: Child Crisis at the Border Continues!

Pic from TX detention center released by US Congressman Cuellar

Pic from TX detention center released by US Congressman Cuellar

Not only are unattended young illegal immigrants from Central America continuing to flood across the US-Mexico border but conditions inside the detention centers appear to be growing worse.  New photos of these poor conditions have been released by the Congressional office of Rep. Henry Cuellar D-TX and what they depict is the unsanitary and cramped conditions inside the detention centers.  In fact, it appears to me that these children, most of them teenagers, and women with small babies are being warehoused like cattle!  And this is the best the government can do?  This is Obama’s “immigration reform”?

Obama has referred to the influx as an urgent humanitarian situation” and, indeed, it is and seems to be worsening.  To be fair, the government has directed many resources to help house, care for, and feed these children but it appears to be not enough.  Border Patrol agents are supposed to turn over these children to the US Dept of Health and Human Services within 3 days but that is NOT happening.  Instead these children are remaining in the cramped detention facilities for much longer and the US Border Patrol is increasingly overwhelmed by it all.

Rep Cuellar toured one detention center in McAllen, TX this past Saturday and issued a press release yesterday.  He said he believes federal officials “are doing all they can under the circumstances to insure every migrant is treated with dignity and respect.”  He went on to say that the US and Mexico need to work closer together to secure Mexico’s border with Central America.  Ah how about securing the northern border with the US Congressman?

Most of these children are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, et al.  Word has been put out in those countries that women and children are welcome in the US and that the US government will take care of them and they will NOT be deported.  And so, thousands of women and children are now crossing the US-Mexico border and the US Border Patrol is overwhelmed.  In many cases all the USBP has to do is drive down a highway or road and they are waived down by these illegal immigrant children who then tell the agent they crossed the border illegally.  And away to the detention camp they go.  And he “coyotes” who routinely “guide” migrants across the border are making more money now than every before.  Business is in fact booming for them!

The White House announced that Vice President Biden is going to travel to Latin America this Friday and that he will “address the surge at the border.”  Really?  How?  Talking t the leaders of those Central America countries is going to do no good whatsoever.  The leaders are not forcing their people to go to America and they are NOT going to put resources into trying to keep them within their own countries either.  I hope someone has educated the Vice President on the norms of Central America before he opens his mouth.  Things there do NOT work like they work in America at all.

Many of these people are desperate.  Desperate to get out of their own countries where human rights violations are beyond imagination by corrupt and criminal governments.  Violence caused by the drug cartels is rampant in those countries and poverty is nothing short of shocking.  There are NO jobs for these people back home!  They have no money!  They are lucky if they have one meal per day!  Central America is even more a 3rd world nation than is Mexico.  FACT is the US has made a very BIG mistake when it comes to Latin America including Mexico.  For decades now we’ve pumped trillions of taxpayer dollars into foreign nations in an effort to bring them into the modern age and for the most part MOST of those nations have simply taken us for a ride!  But when it comes to Latin America we’ve actually done very little and America seems content with having a slew of 3rd world nations south of its border.  And, besides, those nations provide America with a slave labor workforce and as those who study history know America ALWAYS seems to have need for a SLAVE CLASS!  First it was African-Americans then Asians and now Hispanics to mention but only a FEW.

You can see the latest photos at:

But wait mi amigos as there is MORE………………………..

What we now have developing in our southern border states is a DUAL CRISIS!  The second part of this developing humanitarian crisis is the US Border Patrol itself!

That part of the crisis became rather apparent this past Saturday morning when the union that represents agents tweeted the following:

“New annual job rating areas:  Babysitting, Diaper Changing, Burrito Wrapping, Cleaning Cells.  Law Enforcement?  What’s that?”

Many people have now jumped on the mindless bandwagon that seems so popular these days claiming that that tweet was “racist.”  It’s since been removed.  Of course to many of those people anything and everything is “racist” as that is the “IN” word today whether something is racist or not.  I see nothing racist about the tweet.  However, what I do see is a growing discontent, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction growing among US Border Patrol Agents across the country and that CAN’T be good in my estimation.

Later the NBPC Union defended its tweet against charges of racism by tweeting, “What is racist?  Those are the duties agents are being assigned.”  I suspect it was the “burrito wrapping” part of the tweet that has upset some people.

Note that since October 1, 2013 almost 50K CHILDREN have been taken into US custody crossing the border.  They are now being warehoused in US Border Patrol facilities.  Shawn Moran is the union’s president and he appeared on Fox News Saturday where he let it be known to viewers that the USBP has now become little more than “hired help.”

Moran said the USBP is ranked at the bottom of the federal workforce in terms of morale.  And he said that low morale is due to agents being “treated like grade schoolers, not allowed to make decisions on (their) own, micromanaged.”  He went on to say, “We live in some godforsaken towns on the Southwest border and just don’t have the type of morale that we need to effectively do (our) job.”  Sadly, everything Moran said is TRUE!  And as for agents having to live in some godforsaken border town?  That mi amigos is an understatement as some of those towns are RATS NEST IMO!!

But Moran went further and said, “It is demoralizing the way we are treated and to see things like this,” referring to the growing child crisis on the border and the warehousing of these children.  He said, “Our agents should be out there patrolling the border, enforcing the laws.  But instead we’ve got them processing, which is a necessary duty, but they’re being used basically as the hired help.”

So we have a double crisis now on the border.  First is the children and second is the quickly deteriorating morale of the USBP which was already low to begin with.  And when you add these two together what do you (WE) get?  An “I don’t give a F–k” attitude.  And such an attitude only serves to make matters WORSE not better.  Further, the hands of the USBP are obviously strapped by this administration in the White House and doing their job has become impossible now obviously.  Agents have now been reduced from being Patrol Officers to housekeepers!  Nothing racist about that as it is just a FACT!

This all is just one further example of the Obama administrations insistence on picking and choosing which laws it will follow and which it will not.  It is further evidence of one more FAILURE of a President who has a consistent pattern of finding back doors and avoiding Congress.   Congress wouldn’t give Obama the immigration reform he wanted so he started issuing Executive Orders to Homeland Security under whom the USBP is under and THIS is the result.  But it is not the END result.  The end result is what do we do with all of these women and children now?  And to top it off we now have news of border agents claiming that even KNOWN gang members are  being allowed to cross the border into the US as it appears no one is to be rejected.  Is that really wise America?  We are now letting known criminals cross the border?  Why do I see DISASTER brewing in this whole affair in more ways than one?





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