Illegal CHILD Immigration: Obama Says They CAN’T Stay

Before I get to the Presidents misdirected comments on the surge of child immigrants coming NOT from Mexico but FROM CENTRAL AMERICA let me begin with comments made yesterday by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Phoenix.  He told a reporter from The Washington Times that the Obama admin is “incompetent” and that the “dumping of illegals is intentional.”  The Sheriff seems to think it is intentional and engineered so Obama can get Congress to move quickly on immigration reform.   You can find out more of what the Sheriff said at the link below.

illegals1House Speaker John Boehner seems to agree with Arpaio as he said the crisis is the “Administration’s own making.”  He further stated that Obama’s “wheels are coming off” according to an article in The Hill.  The Speaker went on to say that the Obama White House is often unprepared  for and often exacerbated by a series of crises both at home and abroad.  He made his comments at the opening of his weekly Capitol Hill press conference.  Boehner also blamed the President for squandering US gains in Iraq, the VA scandal, the IRS scandal, and a lackluster economic growth pattern, as well as the recent surge of unattended illegal immigrant children now flooding across the US-Mexico border.

According to CBS Dallas Fort Worth close to 300 women and children were captured by US Border agents in just one day near Mission, TX along the border.  Further, reporter Joe Gomez was told by USBP that on another day 280 women and children were caught via their turning themselves into border agents voluntarily.  Congressman Henry Cuellar a Democrat from Laredo, TX said that the word is out that SANCTUARY can be found in the US if you cross the Mexican border!  The congressman said none of what is now happening on the border is by accident.  

As I’ve reported here previously US border agents are being pulled off of patrol duty and put in the warehouses that are serving as detention centers for these migrant children.  Many are frustrated including the head of the union that represents the border patrol who tweeted a few days ago that the new duties of the BP appear to now be babysitting.  Of course pulling agents off of their normal patrol duties means less BP on the border.  Now comes news that there are a growing number of agents who’ve had enough so much so that they are looking for other jobs.  Some agents apparently are quitting the border patrol in protest of their newly imposed “hired help” duties and do to the fact that some minors are being released from detention centers even though DHS knows they are known gang members.  As long as they have no US criminal record the pattern seems to be releasing them into American society.  And DHS doesn’t think that’s just asking for trouble?  What are they thinking?

Texas Governor Rick Perry unloaded on the President over the issue of the border according to The Daily Caller in a 10 minute “tirade” yesterday during a luncheon.  Perry slammed Obama for its failure to secure the US -Mexico border and warned of a “magnified humanitarian crisis if a major hurricane hits the US.”  Perry told reporters that the mass influx of children across the border is a “failure of diplomacy” by Obama.  He said that influx has the potential to quickly become an “absolute catastrophe.”

Apparently the child influx is NOT NEWS TO RICK PERRY!  He told reporters that he’s been warning the Obama administration for the past TWO YEARS about the unaccompanied alien children influx!  Perry said the children are coming “on the backs of these trains” ( The Beast freight trains) and he let the WH know as far back as 2012.

Now turning to the most recent comments on the issue from Obama…

The President spoke to Mexican President Pena Nieto on the phone yesterday and told him that their two countries must work to halt the child surge on the border.  Obama also said that the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN WON’T GET TO STAY in the US.  Don’t hold your breath mi amigos on that one.  Obama said that these children will NOT qualify for legalized status in the US nor deferred deportation.  Reportedly, the two el presidentes discussed a “regional strategy” to address the child surge on the border.  MOST of these children are coming from CENTRAL AMERICA and NOT MEXICO.  However, the are coming through Mexico riding on the tops of freight trains known as La Beastia, The Beast, which is HIGHLY DANGEROUS.  I say his comments are a bit misdirected because I’m wondering why Obama did not speak with the Presidents of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras, etc.  Mexico has no control over these Central American  countries although Mexico could do something about these kids riding the trains long before they get to the US border BUT I highly doubt they will do anything as Mexico has enough problems of its own already.

US Vice President Joe Biden is due to meet with officials in Guatemala today and warn them and parents that illegal immigration via La Beastia is dangerous and that the youth will NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAY IN THE US.  Sorry but I don’t think that’s going to do much good to resolve the problem.  How about flying them back home?  The Obama admin says the child influx across the US border is due to “rampant poverty and violence” in Central American countries.  That’s true IN PART but that isn’t the only reason.  The other reason is that parents in Central America are being told that if their children get across the US border they will be given AMNESTY.  So parents are putting their children on La Beastia and sending them northward alone!  And where is this idea coming from?  A “misconception” of Obama’s amnesty policy via his executive orders on the matter!  Officially that is known as Obama’s “deferred action” policy.

So it now appears to me that Obama is once again trying to pass the buck and blame this all on Mexico which is this presidents typical pattern on just about everything.  The White House also said that Obama encouraged Pena Neito to work with the US to RETURN these illegal immigrant children to their families in Central America.  Say what mi amigos?  Hey here’s a FACT.  If we can fly and bus these children from Texas to Arizona, California, and elsewhere around the US why can’t we fly or bus them BACK to Central America?  Why is it Mexico’s responsibility?

Now here are some other FACTS on this issue….

The mass border crossings by immigrant children unattended by their parents or any adult is NOT NEW!  As Governor Perry said it’s been going on for years now.  The hundreds of people, including children, jumping atop the freight trains in Central America is nothing new either as that has been going on for DECADES now.  What is new is that children are now coming in record numbers across the border and simply turning themselves into US law enforcement thinking that that’s all they must do to get amnesty and the US government to take care of them.  That is a direct result of Obama’s “deferred action” policy.  To be fair to the President that policy was established by executive order and aimed at children of illegals ALREADY in the US and born in the US who have been raised in America.  BUT somewhere between here and Central America that message got misconstrued and that is NOT what parents in Central America are being told.  They are being told that Obama will give their children amnesty IF they can just make it to the border.

Obama says these children will NOT be allowed to stay in the US.  Ok then what is the problem now with airlifting them back to Central America?  Why are we warehousing them?  What is our next step?  To reopen orphanages in this country so we can see a repeat of the horrors those places were well known for in the past century?  This is NOT adding up for me!  I hear one thing but see another and that TOO is typical of this administration which has lost all credibility with the American people Democrat and Republican alike.  It looks to me like these children are here for the long term so what is the proposal on housing and caring for them with no parents?  And how responsible is that?  Not very IMO!!

The US needs to launch a massive campaign in Central America to let parents there know they are being lied to and their children will not be allowed to stay in the US.  Sending Joe Biden to do it is not enough!  That campaign can drive the fact home by flying these children BACK TO THEIR PARENTS WHERE THEY BELONG.  These are CHILDREN!  NOT adults!  THEY BELONG WITH THEIR PARENTS in Central America!  And don’t hand me that shit about the US being financially strapped as I don’t believe it and won’t believe it as long as we continue to pump trillions into places like that god-forsaken hell hole called Afghanistan!!  FACT is the Obama administration is acting irresponsibly on this issue and dragging its feet.  FACT is these children are BEING USED AS POLITICAL PAWNS in an effort for Obama to get his desired “immigration reform.”  That’s how LOW this administration has sunk IMO.  Children used as pawns!  DISGUSTING!!  Resolving this crisis is NOT rocket science.






2 responses to “Illegal CHILD Immigration: Obama Says They CAN’T Stay

  1. Children belong with their parents not in some foreign country alone. I tend to agree with Arpaio. This is all done on purpose so Obama can get his immigration reform bill passed. Sadly, as you say, these children are being used as pawns and YES it is disgusting. I also understand disease is increasingly a risk in these detention centers and once that breaks out it is going to be horrendous.

    I also understand that a new poll shows that 2/3 Americans reject Obama’s handling of this matter. As if that is going to phase him LOL.

    As for Mexico I think Mexico is being sat up as the fall guy. Yes Mexico can do somethings but I highly doubt they are going to catch these kids before they get to the border. As you say they have enough of their own problems already. Obama needs to address directly to the leaders in Central America. Mexico does not own Central America. Someone please give Obama a quick geography lesson.

  2. A George W. Bush-era law to address human trafficking prevents the government from returning these children to their home countries without taking them into custody and eventually through a deportation hearing. Minors from Mexico and Canada, by contrast, can be sent back across the border more easily. The administration says it wants more flexibility under the law.

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