2 comments on “Illegal CHILD Immigration: Obama Says They CAN’T Stay

  1. Children belong with their parents not in some foreign country alone. I tend to agree with Arpaio. This is all done on purpose so Obama can get his immigration reform bill passed. Sadly, as you say, these children are being used as pawns and YES it is disgusting. I also understand disease is increasingly a risk in these detention centers and once that breaks out it is going to be horrendous.

    I also understand that a new poll shows that 2/3 Americans reject Obama’s handling of this matter. As if that is going to phase him LOL.

    As for Mexico I think Mexico is being sat up as the fall guy. Yes Mexico can do somethings but I highly doubt they are going to catch these kids before they get to the border. As you say they have enough of their own problems already. Obama needs to address directly to the leaders in Central America. Mexico does not own Central America. Someone please give Obama a quick geography lesson.

  2. A George W. Bush-era law to address human trafficking prevents the government from returning these children to their home countries without taking them into custody and eventually through a deportation hearing. Minors from Mexico and Canada, by contrast, can be sent back across the border more easily. The administration says it wants more flexibility under the law.

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