Pope Excommunicates Mafia!!

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Although he hasn’t been in the Papacy long he is admired for his simplicity, progressiveness, and meekness.  Of course we are talking about Pope Francis the meek looking Cardinal from Argentina who replaced Pope Benedict not long ago.  He’s already turned the Curia upside down and he’s called on church leaders to pursue a policy of helping the poor and being simple priests.  No more pomp and grandeur under this pope’s reign!  Meek….mild……yes…..and today we discovered not only is that true about this Pope but this Pope also has something than many men lack.  It’s called GUTS and COURAGE!

Pope Francis journeyed to the heart of Italy’s largest crime syndicate in the Calabria region of southern Italy.  In Cassano All’Jonio he visited the father of a 3 year old boy who was killed in the region’s ongoing drug war and there he declared that all mobsters are AUTOMATICALLY EXCOMMUNICATED FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

While there the Pope comforted the imprisoned father of Nicola Campolongo in the courtyard of a prison in the town of Castrovillari.  Last January the boy was shot dead along with one of his grandfathers and his grandfather’s girlfriends in an attack that has been blamed on the drug wars.  The killers torched the car all three were riding in.  The boys parents were already in jail at the time charged with trafficking drugs.  Pope Francis today expressed his horror over the affair not long after the killings took place and then promised to visit the town which he did today.

Francis embraced the boy’s father who asked the Pope to pray for the boy’s mother.  Today the boy’s mother is no longer in prison but is under house arrest.  The pope also met with two grandmothers of the slain boy.

Calabria is the base of the ndrangheta which is a GLOBAL drug cartel.  They get money from running illegal drugs and extorting businesses.  They also have been known to infiltrate public works contracts in the underdeveloped Calabria region and elsewhere.

While in the town the Pope held an outdoor Mass and that is when he denounced and excommunicated the Mafia, ndrangheta.  He said in his homily, that the cartels has an “adoration of EVIL and contempt for the common good.”  He went on to state, “Those who go down the evil path, as the Mafiosi do, are NOT in communion with God.  THEY ARE EXCOMMUNICATED!”.  Staying in style with his simplicity policy the Pope asks doctors to remove a splinter from his finger while visiting a  Hospice in the town.  The doctors complied with the Pope’s request.

So members of the Mafia go to church on Sunday’s and pretend to be holier than thou and the rest of week they are busy killing, extorting, and running drugs across the planet.  Looks like this Pope is on to them and is NOT afraid of them at all.  He just excommunicated ALL of them and condemned them to Eternal HELL.

Good show Pope!  Keep up the EXCELLENT work and maybe, just maybe, we can straighten this LOST WORLD out one fine day.  🙂



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