2 comments on “Mass Immigration Continues: Mass graves uncovered in Texas!

  1. What Texas has been doing with deceased people found in the desert trying to cross the border in nothing new nor surprising. And it is the same in New Mexico, Arizona, and California. No reverence is given to these people as they are simply put in a grave unceremoniously.

    I think this crisis was engineered by Obama and Company. WND has an article up claiming that DHS anticipated this mass influx of youth as far back as January when they posted requests for bids for Americans to transport and house these youths. So it appears they knew they were coming. Question is why wasn’t Obama on top of this? Instead he kicked back and let it become a crisis. I suspect that is exactly the way he planned it all.

    The WND article is at:


    Of course these Central American kids are now being used as pawns by the Obama people who are exploiting them for political gain and for no other reason. Very sad and very upsetting. Also I further agree with you on Central America. NOTHING short of REGIME CHANGE in EVERY Central America country will suffice!

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