Mass Immigration Continues: Mass graves uncovered in Texas!

If you think the crisis developing on the US-Mexico border is going away anytime soon you could not be more wrong.  The throngs of illegal immigrants coming from Central America and Mexico are growing.  This isn’t like watching people cross the border.  It’s like watching a mass exodus of REFUGEES trying to flee horrible and inhumane conditions in their native lands.  Where do I even being?

El Bestia!  The Beast; aka the Death Trains

El Bestia! The Beast; aka the Death Trains

Word of mouth has now spread widely in Central America especially that if you can just get your children to the US border the US Government and President Obama will give them automatic amnesty!  True of not it no longer matters as many parents in Central America believe it.  And to make matters worse the human smugglers are telling Central Americans that this is all true.  Of course, it is not true at all and the smugglers are just trying to make a fast Pecos or two.  Even the White House has now admitted that these rumors are floating throughout Latin America causing the mass exodus.  Hey I know mi amigos….they are a day late and buck short which is typical for the Obama WH.

Thousands of illegals are now amassed in stash houses in the US as Vice President Joe Biden is not helping the situation.  He hinted that some of these people might get amnesty!  Apparently Joe Biden does not understand the crisis at all but what’s new?  This comes after his trip to Central America last week in which he told the countries there the US is giving them millions to resolve some of the problems in their countries.  Rest assured there will be NO REFORMS in those countries.  What is needed is ABRUPT REGIME CHANGE!

As if this is not enough the drug cartels are now using these throngs of immigrants as cover for their criminal operations according to the Drudge Report this morning.  And the Catholic Church in Mexico has spoken out against the inhumane conditions these people face as they make the long journey from Central America across Mexico to the US border.  The Catholic Bishops also noted the mass deaths and graves along the way of El Bestia.  El Bestia (The Beast) is the name given to the freight trains that these people ride on top of, underneath, and on the sides of from Central America into Mexico.  This ride is extremely dangerous and untold numbers of people are killed DAILY by falling off these trains, gettting smashed, or in some cases tossed off the roofs of the boxcars on purpose by their compadres.  Yes it’s called “murder.”

Catholic Bishops in Mexico expressed their concerns recently about the number of untold deaths of immigrants along the routes of El Bestia and condemned the Mexican government of President Enrique Pena Neito for allowing the situation to continue.  They also condemned him on his proposed reforms that the Bishops apparently feel will do nothing to help all of the poor people in Mexico but will do everything to help those in Mexico with power and money.  So what’s new?

In a stunning development this week in Texas mass graves of illegal immigrants have been uncovered in a Texas cemetary.  That story is coming out of Falfurrias, Texas according to the AP.  The cemetary and town are in South Texas near the border and investigators believe these people died crossing the hot and desolate desert trying to get into the US illegally.  The cemetery is named the Sacred Heart Burial Park in Falfurrias, TX.  This discovery is part of a multi-years investigation to identify illegal immigrants who have died.  Investigators unearthed human remains in TRASH BAGS in the place along with human remains contained in shopping bags, body bags, and some weren’t even in any type of container at all but had been simply tossed into the grave!  Additionally, human skulls have been found in biohazard bags placed between coffins!  This is all so bad and unbelievable that even the investigators are disgusted by it all and they’ve called the discovery APPALLING.  That is an understatement IMO mi amigos.  They’ve also told reporters that the finds are “just as shocking as the mass grave that you would picture in your head, and it’s just as DISRESPECTFUL.”  That comment was made by Krista Latham who is one of the anthropologist investigating the situation in Texas.

So far 110 bodies have been exhumed and all are unidentified as of 2013 and this summer already 52 additional bodies have been exhumed at the cemetery.   Some remains have been buried together in the graves so further study is required before investigators can determine just how many bodies they have.  Some remains were found identified only by small grave markers with the name of the funeral home on them.  That funeral home has been identified as the Funeraria del Angel Howard-Williams.  County officials in Brooks and Jim Hogg County say they pay the funeral home to handle bodies of immigrants found in the desert near the border.  Apparently, neither county is getting what they pay for and neither are taxpayers in those counties.  Or maybe they are?  The funeral home charges the counties $450 to handle each body and they’ve been doing so for the past 16 years.  In Jim Hogg County Chief Sheriff Deputy Lorenzo Benavides told reporters that the practice has been going on for as long as he remembers for at least the past 22 YEARS.

So these human remains are being thrown into graves without any reverence at all as if they were simply cattle slaughtered in the stockyards!  This is BEYOND DISGUSTING America!  This funeral home needs to be prosecuted for something!  We are talking HUMAN BEINGS here NOT cattle!!

You can read the full report on this story at:;_ylt=AwrBJR9V7KVTUBEAF2zQtDMD

Returning to the border alogn the Texas-Mexico border on the Rio Grande immigrants are amassing in large numbers right now.  Some of them are only 14 years old or younger.  They are telling officials that they heard in their homelands in Central America rumors that children that can make it to the US border are being given permission to stay in the US and go to school for free.  Some of these adults and children have discovered that they were misled and lied to back home but now they’ve spent all their money and have no food, no water, and no way back home.  They are now stuck!  Many of them are stuck in Reynosa, Mexico right across the Texas border which just happens to be one of the most DANGEROUS cities in the WORLD!

Most of these people and children have come NOT from Mexico but from El Salavado, Guatemala, and Honduras.  HUNDREDS are now crossing the Rio Grande River daily and turning themselves in to any US law enforcement official they can find.  Deputies with the Hidalgo County Texas Constable Dept report that in Precinct 3 they’ve encountered at least 103 illegal migrants this past Wednesday night ALONE.  Reynose, Mexico BTW is so dangerous because it is a hot spot for Mexican drug cartel activity.  It’s population is about 600K.

One migrant named Doris Martinez came all the way from Honduras by bus and she told the Arizona media that she was told back home that if she got to the border with her children that they US would give her a Permisos (permit) to stay in the US as long as her and her children got across the Rio Grande on their own.  She has a 5 year old daughter with Down Syndrome btw.

After they cross the border and give themselves up the illegal migrants are processed by US border patrol agents and then they are being dropped off by the USBP at local bus stations in McAllen, TX and other cities along the border.  They are told that the detention facilities are out of room.  Some are being taken to Tucson and Phoenix in Arizona and are then given notices to report to immigration officials once they reach wherever they are going.

For more see:

In other developments Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had some things to say about all this yesterday.  She along with officials in Oklahoma and Texas leveled some harsh criticism on the federal government’s handling of this mass influx of illegal migrants especially children fleeing from Central America.   State officials criticized President Obama and his administration for the way he is handling to crisis or, more accurately, the way he is not handling the crisis.

Governor Brewer told reporters that the responsibility for this growing crisis rests with the federal government.  “We know that there’s nothing we can do about it,” Brewer said yesterday during a press conference in Phoenix.  “In Arizona we have no money,” she continued, “we certainly don’t have that kind of money but you’ll remember that I was the one that took this issue to the Supreme Court and we lost because the court said that the federal government was responsible for the border and immigration.”

Ft Still in Oklahoma has been readied as a detention facility for child illegal migrants and they are expecting up to an astounding 1200 CHILDREN to be in their facility at any given moment.  Officials there said they’ve heard stories about the death trains, El Bestia, in which children were so desperate to get to the US that they’ve rode atop the box cars which is very dangerous and even deadly.  That comes from Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.  Some are coming by bus while others are simply WALKING all the way from Central America, across Mexico, and to the Rio Grande.  Governor Fallin said that some have even paid the Mexican drug cartels to bring them to the border!

House Speaker John Boehner has sent a letter to President Obama demanding he send the National Guard to the border.  Thus far his letter has fallen on deaf ears over at the White House as expected.

For more on this see:

Pumping millions of dollars into Central America to help their countries alleviate poverty and drug gang violence in fine for the long term but what about the immediate crisis on the border?  Why aren’t these masses of children being flown back to where they came from to be with their parents WHERE THEY BELONG?  Once again we see a MASSIVE FAILURE OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION to handle any crisis.  These illegal migrant children are being used by the administration to further they plans for amnesty I and many others STRONGLY suspect. SHAME ON THEM FOR EXPLOITING THESE CHILDREN!!









2 responses to “Mass Immigration Continues: Mass graves uncovered in Texas!

  1. What Texas has been doing with deceased people found in the desert trying to cross the border in nothing new nor surprising. And it is the same in New Mexico, Arizona, and California. No reverence is given to these people as they are simply put in a grave unceremoniously.

    I think this crisis was engineered by Obama and Company. WND has an article up claiming that DHS anticipated this mass influx of youth as far back as January when they posted requests for bids for Americans to transport and house these youths. So it appears they knew they were coming. Question is why wasn’t Obama on top of this? Instead he kicked back and let it become a crisis. I suspect that is exactly the way he planned it all.

    The WND article is at:

    Of course these Central American kids are now being used as pawns by the Obama people who are exploiting them for political gain and for no other reason. Very sad and very upsetting. Also I further agree with you on Central America. NOTHING short of REGIME CHANGE in EVERY Central America country will suffice!

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