Radical Islam is NOT Islam

Commentary by Imam Muhammad Abbas Saladin el Asari

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful:

The terrorist group now conducting conquest in Iraq has seized some border stations between Iraq and Syria in a misguided effort to eventually create some form of reborn Islamic Caliphate from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran.  And I assume the leader of that hoped for Caliphate will be the head of the terror group?  Along the way of their conquest ISIS or ISIL, pick whichever initials you like, has shown to the whole world their true colors ESPECIALLY when it comes to Islam or, at least THEIR form of Islam, which leaves much to be desired, frankly.

The ISIS has destroyed philosopher’s tombs and cultural icons along their route proving to the world that these barbarian throwbacks have no regard whatsoever for history or for any of the great achievements made by REAL MUSLIMS in the past.  Let us keep in mind that ISIS is a group of SUNNI Muslims which is the same branch of Islam that rules ruthlessly in that God forsaken kingdom called Saudi Arabia.

When the ISIS took over large swaths of Iraq recently and seized the city of Mosul the radical group purposefully destroyed several tombs and statues in the city.  They destroyed a statue of Othman al Mousuli who was a noted and prestigious MUSLIM musician and composer in the 19th century.  They also desecrated and then destroyed a statue of Abu Tammam who was a MUSLIM Abbasid era Arab Poet of noted fame.  Thus, they have shown the world and all REAL MUSLIMS that their radicalism is NOT in accordance with anything remotely near REAL ISLAM.  Additionally, along the way they have been murdering MUSLIMS including those who are converts after they have embraced the faith!!  THAT IS A SIN 100% says the HOLY QURAN!  That one act alone PROVES beyond ANY doubt that ISIS is a DEMONIC political organization controlled by some madman using the guise of TRUE ISLAM and committing SIN ATOP SIN all the way.  How can the world possibly even consider the members of ISIS to be “real Muslims”?  FACT is they are NOT and they are proving they are not over and over again.

ISIS also destroyed and desecrated the tomb of Iban al Athir who was a MUSLIM Arab philosopher who had traveled with the army of the famous and HONORABLE SULTAN SALAHUDDIN (Saladin).  Sultan Saladin fought against the Christian Crusaders and he was esteemed even by his enemies for his courage and honorable behavior.  In fact, his own example as a TRUE MUSLIM motivated many non-Muslim of the time to embrace Islam and submit themselves to Allah.  And THAT is exactly what ALL MUSLIMS are SUPPOSED to be doing instead of running all about raping, pillaging, and killing.  ISIS is a complete INSULT to the honor and memory of Salahuddin the Great!

Of course ISIS’ defense is that their form of radical “Islam” says that the veneration of tombs is idolatrous.  Veneration?  How about something called RESPECT?  Respect for the dead which IS a teaching of REAL ISLAM.  ISIS has even gone so far as to destroy ISLAMIC MOSQUES along their route of conquest and MURDER.  In Syria they’ve destroyed Mosques including some very historic ones and now they’ve moved their pillaging to Iraq as well doing the same.  THAT is yet ANOTHER SIN being committed by members of ISIS as the Holy Quran CLEARLY teaches that TRUE MUSLIMS are NOT to destroy ANY Mosque, Church, OR Synagogue as they are all places in which God’s name is spoken and in which the faithful worship.  It appears ISIS needs to take a break and actually READ THE QURAN instead of simply paying it lip service.  But, again, ISIS has nothing to do with ISLAM at all, in fact, as it has a POLITICAL AGENDA by which ISLAM is used to mask it in an effort of deception, which is another SIN the Quran speaks of and forbids.  And this is true of ALL RADICALS.

As if all this were not enough to prove their true colors to the world ISIS members also STOLE 250 horses from the Governor of Mosul’s house and killed some of them claiming they were “too sick to move.”  Anyone who actually READS the Holy Quran knows for a FACT that thievery is yet another SIN.  In fact, according to Islamic Holy Law, Sharia, thieves are to have their hands chopped off so I call on all members of ISIS to prove they are true Muslims and submit to having their hands cut off from their bodies!  Or is their claim of wanting to live under Sharia just another deception?

ISIS has now also imposed a tax on Christians in the region and city of Mosul called the Jizya.  Many Christians inside Mosul have fled the city and for good reason.

You may recall not so long ago when the Taliban destroyed several Buddhist statues and desecrated a Buddhist temple in Afghanistan to the world’s horror.   You might also recall that when President Morsi of Egypt and his Islamic Brotherhood took control of Egypt they discussed destroying the Giza Pyramids “in the Name of Allah” but of course.  And the list goes on and on.  These radicals say that all cultural icons and historical places are idolatrous.  Yet, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) himself honored certain shrines including the Kaaba which is today Islam’s most holy place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The world needs to wake up and so do many Muslims.  These radicals are NOT practicing true Islam according to the Holy Quran’s teachings.  What they are practicing is dishonor and death along with pillage and ruin and NONE of these things are real values of ISLAM.  It would do the world of non-Muslims good to educate themselves about Islam and it would do Muslims good to do the same as well.

I am 100% certain that Allah is looking down on ISIS and all of the other murder loving radical groups in DISGUST.  These people might THINK they have Paradise awaiting them but what they actually have awaiting them is the FIRES OF HELL!  True Muslims need to stand up to these radicals and start putting them out of business by ANY means necessary in the REAL NAME OF ALLAH!  They are NOT our brothers as they truly are INFIDELS and their actions of uncontrolled murder, slaughter, rape, and pillage prove that so beyond any doubt.  Their days are numbered and Allah Himself has made certain of that.  Members of these radical groups need to REPENT and resubmit themselves to Allah and the TRUE FAITH of REAL ISLAM instead of continuing to be deceived by madman PRETENDING to be Muslims when, in fact, they are NOT.  It’s plain and simple.  Associate yourselves with devils and you become one and ALLAH spurns you and condemns you to the Hell fires in the end.  Stand and watch!


 Imam Abbas El-Asari


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One response to “Radical Islam is NOT Islam

  1. All I have to say about this is it’s about time. Yesterday Pope Francis excommunicated members of the Mafia and today it appears that at least one Islamic leader/Imam has excommunicated the murderous terrorists radical Muslims. Finally, it appears things may be starting to go right for the world. I hope MORE real Muslims stand up against the radicals.


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