Arizona Superintendent Posts RACISTS Comments!!

Phoenix–Arizona’s School Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal broke down in tears today at the end of a press conference.  That was after he apologized for posting anonymous blog comments that ridiculed welfare recipients and others.

Huppenthal said the his anonymous posts were “hurtful” comments and he said his anonymous posts did not reflect what he feels in his heart about minorities or poor people on public assistance.  Really?  Then if that wasn’t how he felt in his heart why did he post the posts???

Huppenthal is a Republican and also apologized for blog posts he posted last week calling welfare recipients/poor people, and I quote, “lazy pigs.”  Further, in those posts he said Planned Parenthood is the cause of abortions among African-Americans!

And now comes news that new posts by Huppenthal have been uncovered which are just as prejudice and racist.  In one he said there should be no Spanish Language Media Outlets and in another he said English should be the ONLY language used in the US.

So after posting these little tidbits today at the end of a press conference he breaks down in tears and tells reporters that his anonymous posts really don’t reflect what is in his heart.  And how are we suppose to take that?  That he’s truly sorry?  Or he has more HATE AND RACISM raging inside his heart that hasn’t come out yet?  I think the ONLY reason he broke down in tears at the end of the press conference is because the ONLY thing he’s sorry about is that he GOT CAUGHT!

If the posts don’t reflect what is in his heart then why was he posting such racist, hate filled, prejudice, judgmental posts and doing so anonymously?  Sorry but I don’t believe him at all.  He got caught and that is the ONLY sorrow he now has.  He’s proven by his posts that he is a RACIST!  And how many more in the upper halls of Arizona’s state government are of the same opinion as Huppenthal?   As for he desire there be no Spanish language media?  He can STICK IT!


Allowing this man to remain in office as the State’s education head is an injustice to the People of Arizona!  We don’t need people like this serving as PUBLIC SERVANTS period!

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One response to “Arizona Superintendent Posts RACISTS Comments!!

  1. This POS needs to be put out of office and go back to the sewer he climbed out of. And you’re right. The tears aren’t about remorse but about realizing his political career is OVER. I can’t believe that an elected state official would do such a thing as this. But, then again, AZ has always had a rep for being a RACIST STATE so it doesn’t surprise me. BTW I think there should be NO ENGLISH MEDIA allowed in AZ lol. What a POS.

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