ISIS Declares Islamic Caliphate!!

The ultra-terrorist groups known as ISIS or ISIL led by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi yesterday declared an Islamic Caliphate and demanded that all Muslims worldwide submit themselves to the Caliph who just happens to be Baghdadi.  Surprised?  Meanwhile, as one of their first “holy” acts ISIS crucified 8 fighters from within its own ranks whom the “caliph” felt were not radical enough.  WTF?

Allow me to be very blunt.  It appears to me that ISIS has nothing at all to do with Islam except in name only and everything to do with psychotic murder!  And btw for you who don’t know murder is a SIN as is suicide in Islam and that comes straight from the Islamic Holy Book known as the Qur’an.

Now if you are surprised that things have come this far you should be.  Due to the WEAK and INDECISIVE leadership we currently have in Washington I’m sure this is only the beginning.  You see, we’ve been playing both sides of the fence when it comes to dealing with Islamic extremist groups.  The US has turn on one group while supplying the other with money and weapons.  That is a very dangerous and outright STUPID game to play but, again, don’t be surprised as the current administration in Washington is filled with amateurs who seemingly know nothing about these groups, Islam, or anything else for that matter.  President Barack Obama has purposefully and intentionally removed the US from its leadership role and placed us in the category as “just one of the boys.”  Our friends in Europe and elsewhere are beyond outright discussed by this lack of leadership and the US has now lost all credibility in dealing with these killers.  In fact, the US has now lost all credibility in dealing with anything as far as the global community is concerned and all of our allies are now scratching their heads wondering just what in the hell were Americans thinking when they put Obama in office not once but twice.

So let me explain it to our allies as to just what is wrong with America.

We have a DRUG PROBLEM in this country as evidenced by the FACT that the USA is the primary and cream of the crop drug buyer.  The drug cartels in Mexico and Central America know this well.  They supply the drugs and we buy and use them.  This has now gone on for decades and add this atop our lowered standards because we just want to be “one of the boyz” plus the fact that MOST of these drugs cause BRAIN DAMAGE when used over the long term and you’ve got the recipe for a FALLEN NATION AND FALLEN PEOPLE.  And THAT is exactly what America has now become!  Oh but please don’t tell us we have a drug problem that has caused our collective psychosis and ignorance in this country as we Americans just don’t like to ever face reality for ANY reason.  No…no..we love living in fantasyland where even though the sky is falling we think everything is just wonderful.  Can you pass the doobie man?????

For the US to even allow something like this murderous new radical Islamic Caliphate to come this far is beyond astounding.  These lunatics leading this thing are cold blood killers and are not religious at all.  Hell they are now executing their fellow MUSLIMS for any old reason!  Further, they have declared that any legit government in any area where they march their “army” into immediately becomes null and void.  Again WTF?  Where is the UN on all this?  Where is the global community? Oh wait I know.  They have a DRUG STUPIDITY AND LACK OF LEADERSHIP PROBLEM TOO!

The West has FALLEN!  Now recall the last time some empire fell that was on par with the US?  It was the Roman Empire and when that empire fell Europe was immediately plunged into the DARK AGES.  And what is going to happen with this REPEAT of history?  The SAME THING!  The world will enter yet another Dark Age in which the BARBARIAN THROWBACKS rule!  Just how STUPID is humanity anyhow?????

You can read the CRAP…yes I said CRAP…on this newly formed so called “caliphate” at the link below.  I would hold out hope for 2016, however, I understand that Hilarious Clinton is going to run for POTUS and the Republicans can’t find anyone to beat her.  Frankly, I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama as Hillary Clinton drives me up the wall.  Let us not forget the Benghazi Affair when she announces her run!  Yeah she handled that one great didn’t she?

Ironically, the spokesman for this new caliphate has spread the word, “Listen to your caliph and OBEY him….”  You bet!  Obey him right up to your own executions MORONS!  What a load of CRAP!  And just where is the rest of Islam on this?  And btw I’ve been wondering who in the hell has been supporting this ISIS with money, weapons, and brand new vehicles.  It just couldn’t be our old friend Saudi Arabia could it????

I hear a lot of rumors about how Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran are planning to take ISIS and their new caliph out.  When?  Where is it?  How long does it take?  How many INNOCENT MUSLIMS must die at this LUNATIC CALIPHS hands before these nations act against him and his wolf pack with rabies????

Oh and btw ISIS also announced it would now be changing its name from ISIS to “the Islamic State.”    Welcome BACK to the 13th Century Western World!

For more see:

PS—Just when is the US going to start putting REAL LEADERS in public office instead of all the amateur wannabes we have been putting in????



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